The Best Window Treatments For Sliding Doors

The best ideas for installing window treatments for sliding doors. You really do need to think about a few important things before you choose a window treatment style that will not only look right but also work right.

You will find a few good tips on what works and what does not on this page.

You have several window treatment ideas that will work well on sliding door window treatments. I go through them all just below here.

Most sliding doors have a fixed glass panel on one side. Then the slider glass door on the other side. This door usually slides over the fixed glass panel when looking from the inside.

You're probably thinking why does that matter when it comes to hanging curtains. The reason it matters is if you're like most folks and hang a pair of curtains from a decorative curtain rod over the sliging glass doors. Then one curtain is going to hang where the door opens. I'm sure you have had it where the wind starts blowing the curtain about. Sometimes even sucking the curtain out of the open door.

I know your thinking just hold the curtain back with a curtain tieback to stop it moving. You're right it will help to a certain degree, but it's still not a perfect solution. The other major problem you have with window treatments for sliding doors is pets and children. I'm not sure which causes the most problems :-)

The problem is that pets and children end up touching or brushing past the curtains on the way in and out of the open door. It's not long before your smart new curtains are looking a bit sad :-(

So the big question is what can you do about this problem, are there any solutions that will solve this but still give you beautiful window treatments for sliding doors ?

Yes there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem, you still use a pair of curtains for the sliding glass door window treatments. The difference is with the way you hang your window treatments for sliding doors.

The Problem With Using Decorative Curtain Rods

The first solution to this problem it to fit a decorative curtain rod then hang your patio door window treatments from this. You will have three curtain rod brackets supporting the curtain rod. One a few inches from each end, and one in the center.

Then if you were hanging say pinch pleat curtains from curtain rod rings. Then the last curtain rod ring on each side would hang between the curtain rod finial and the curtain rod bracket.

You do it that way to hold each curtain panel in place at the outside eadges of the curtain rod. This is so when you pull your curtain to the center of the rod to close it. The outside edge of your curtain panel stays put.

Now to solve the problem of the curtain getting dirty on the door opening side. This locking the curtain panel in place presents a problem. So what I do is to fit an extra curtain rod ring on the door side of the curtain rod. This ring is not used most of the time it just hang on the curtain rod just before the curtain rod bracket.

Now when you have the sliding glass door open all you need to do is unhook the last pleat on your curtain panel. this is the one on the ouside eadge that sits between the curtain rod finial and the curtain rod bracket. Then put this hook in to the spare curtain rod ring just on the other side othe the curtain rod bracket.

Now you can slide this curtain over to the center of the curtain rod. This option works as long as you don't open the sliding glass door all the way. It's not a perfect solution but better than leaving the curtain panel where it was.

Why Traverse Curtain Rods Are A Better Choice for
window treatments for sliding doors

A far better option in my opinion for window treatments for sliding doors would be to hang your curtains from completely different window treatment hardware. Curtain rod hardware that will allow you to slide your curtain right over to the other side of the patio doors. So both curtains hang together well out of the way of the open door.

You can use levolor window treatments curtain rod like this one here. It does not use curtain rings to move the curtain across the rod.

All you have are gliders sitting in a channel under the rod. This way the curtain rod brackets don't interfere with the movement of the curtains. you can slide your curtain all the way across.

This means the curtain can pass all the way to the other side without hinderance from the curtain rod brackets. The only real difference between this curtain rod and the one above is the look. It is more like a decorative curtain rod.

Now this decorative traverse curtain rod has what looks like regular curtain rod rings. However they are not the same as they are not complete rings. The curtain rings are fitted in to a channel on the back of the curtain rod. The curtain rod brackets support this curtain rod style from under the curtain rod. This keeps the channel clear for the rings to pass freely.

This style of curtain rod hardware is operated by pulling a cord to make the curtains open and close. If you want to use this kind of decorative traverse curtain rod. Then to be able to pull both curtain panels to one side of the window. You will need to remove the cords from the rod. Simply untie the knots on the back of the main carrier arm and pull out.

This will leave the curtain rod rings free to move over the full width of the curtain rod. Allowing you to move both curtain panels over to one side of your sliding doors.

If you haven't discovered already you can click on any of these curtain rod pictures that work with window treatments for sliding doors for more info and to buy.

Panel Track Blinds The Modern Window Treatment Choice

These panel track blinds are a really great choice as window treatments for sliding doors. All the panel slide to one side of the window and stack on top of each other.

So leaving the opening slider door clear from obstructions. I really like this window treatment style. They are a really modern window treatment that give a simple look to your window while still adding interest to your window treatment for sliding doors.

You can get these window treatmnets for sliding doors like the window treatment picture here. That have a matching cover for the header track. Other styles just leave the white panel track uncovered.

Discover lots more info about Panel Track Blinds right here.

Why Use Cornice Window Treatments

Using a window treatment cornice to cover up your window treatment hardware allows you to use any suitable curtain system track.

Just as long as it allows you to to move your curtains across the window.

If these window treatments for sliding doors ideas appeals to you. Then for more info take a look at the cornice window treatment page here.

Discover How To Make Beautiful Cornice Window Treatments

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