Window Treatment Photos

Find lots of great window treatment photos to give you some inspiration for your own home. There are curtain ideas of every kind and design installed on every shape and size of window.

Most of these pictures of window treatments are from real homes. No professionally staged managed studio photos here. (other than where I am showing you how to make and hang your own curtains)

Im sure you will find one or more of these window treatment ideas that will work in your own home.

After working for 20 years in the window treatments business. I would like to share "my know how and tips" to help you dress your own windows at home. I installed all of these curtains you see in the window treatment pictures just below.

Starting with installing the window treatment hardware. Then the hanging of the curtains properly, and finally dressing them to look perfect.

Click on any of these pictures of curtains to discover lots more useful info and tips about that kind of curtain style.

Unique Window Treatments

These curtains are used simply to dress these windows. They are hung from custom made decorative curtain rods. These were custom made for the customer. However you could just as easily use store bought curtain rods or poles.

Just another quick look at the same windowshowing a complete curtain. The beauty of these curtains. Is that the hem line does not have to perfectly level with the floor. As They are always going to be tied back off the window.

So how would anyone ever know :-)

These curtains are made with a goblet heading and have a decorative trim added down each inner edge.

The topper over the curtains was found in a junk shop. It started life as a decorative plinth on an old wardrobe. It looked rather tatty and tired. So was brought back to life with a little hand painting.

The silk curtains were ex-display from an interior design store. So were bought for a fraction of the cost when new.

I think you will agree that for something that was almost thrown away and second hand curtains. It works really well in its new home.

I think this is a great way to dress windows that meet in the corner of a room. What do you think ?

Bay Window Treatments

These curtains are topped with a custom made fabric covered window cornice. The curtains are just for show. The roller blinds are used for privacy and light control.

In the image above are curtains over working roman shades. All topped of with a custom made bay window cornice.

Both the curtains and the roman shades work to blackout almost all the light in the room when closed.

in the image above these globlet headed curtains are hung under a curtain track covered in the same fabric.

It is a simple thing to do but gives this window treatment a special look.

These bay window curtains are made with a wave style heading. This is created is created by sewing in a 5 inch deep buckram heading. This keeps the curtain heading stiff. Allowing you to you to bend the heading in to an "S" shape creating the wave effect heading.

The curtains are then hung using curtain pin hooks spaced at regular intervals.

This curtain style is for when you want something plain, simple and elegant. What do you think ?

How about having just having dress curtains hung from a decorative curtain rod. Then using working roman shades in the bay.

Large Window Treatments

Long Curtains

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