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Wide Curtains

Wide curtains still not wide enough to fit your window properly ?

Then you are going to need custom made curtains. Using the easy step by step guides you will be able to make these wide curtains yourself. So saving yourself a lot of money as well as acquiring a new life long skill.

Discover how easy it is to make your own wide curtains...

Even with NO prior experience!

Most ready made drapes only go up to 90 inches wide. So hanging these on a bay window or French doors like these ones here won't work. This bay is is about 130 inches all the way round.

wide curtains wide curtains

So the general rule of thumb when it comes to the right curtain width. Is that they should be double the curtain rod ot track length. This means that the widest ready mades at 90 inches are too narrow to fit most wide windows properly. You ideally need to have a curtain width of 130 inches (give or take a couple of inches). That is each curtain panel should be 130 inches wide. So you have a total of 260 inches fabric width.

This means when your curtains are gathered and hanging over your window. They have enough gather in them when closed to look attractive and not almost flat on your window.

You obviously can buy custom made curtains to any width you want. This is a quick and easy way to get a new pair of wide curtains hanging over your window with very little effort. However the big drawback is obviously how much it will cost to make this happen.

Why not take a look at some of the easy step by step curtain making guides with videos right here.

Home Decor Fabric

The cost of your made to order curtains is broken down in to two main areas.

1. The cost of the fabrics ( drapery fabrics & Drapery lining fabrics)

2. The cost of making your new curtains

Lets start with the cost of the fabric. drapery fabrics are priced by the yard or metre. Most regular curtain fabrics sold off a roll come at 54 inches wide. So using the example bay window above at a width of 130 inches wide. You would need 5 widths of fabric (2 1/2 widths in each curtain panel). These widths of fabric sewn together would give you a pair of curtains at double your window width.

If we assume for the sake of this example that the new curtains are to be 80 inches long. Then we would have 5 widths of fabric at 80 inches long. Plus a minimum of 8 inches for hems. See the calculation below

5 widths X 80 inches length + 8 inches hems = 440 inches of fabric at 54 inches wide

Divide 440 inches by 36 to convert in to yards = 12.22 yards (most suppliers round up to nearest 1/2 yard.)

Now if we assume a discount fabric online would cost $ 9.95 a yard. The bill for the fabric alone would be $ 124.37

Then the other fabric cost would be for drapery lining fabric. I know it is an extra cost but in my opinion well worth the extra. It will give your curtains a lot longer life, and they will hang so much better. A typical cotton lining fabric will cost from $ 5.99 a yard.

So this gives us a total fabric bill of $ 199.25

You will also find some very useful tips in the easy curtain making guides on which kind of drapery fabrics I personally like to use and why.

Making Curtains

The next major cost is for making of your curtains. How much will depend on mostly on what kind of curtain heading style you choose.

In this example the curtain header style will be a simple 3 inch curtains pencil pleating tape. This kind of header is Suitable for use with a curved bay window rod (track).

Most curtain makers charge by the number of widths in your curtains. so in this example we have 5 widths of fabric. So it would be

5 widths X cost per width $ ? = $ ?

A typical make up cost for this style of curtain would be around $ 20 per width. So this would mean a make up charge for us of $ 100

How To Make Curtains

So the total bill for your made to order curtains would be in the region of $ 299

This is not an outrageous amount of money for something you will have in your home for 10 years or more. However why pay this amount of money when you don't have to. When you can easily make your own curtains using the simple guides with videos on this site.

You will also be discovering a new life long skill. That will give you many hours of enjoyment and a great sense of pride when you have your new curtains hanging in your own home.


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