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What exactly are victorian window treatments

What are victorian window treatments ?, are there really such window treatment styles.

Well yes there are, but it was not just the curtain designs that victorians were interested in.

When they were choosing the right curtains for windows they had other important things on thier minds.

To find out more about what kind of window treatments they chose. Also the reasons for those choices and take a look at pictures of window treatments just below on this page.

victorian window treatments

Drapes design

There were two major reasons for the victorians to chose the window treatments they did. They were both of equal importance to them. The first reason was the look, as in they wanted the designer window treatments look.

The emerging middle class wanted to show of their homes to everyone. So with their new wealth they could have some very fancy window treatment styles.

Insulated window treatments

The second factor the victorian middle classes wanted with their window treatments was heat control. So they tended to buy curtains that were made of heavy drapery fabric. Such as damask fabrics, and velvet drapes. You have to remember that their windows were single glazed and often drafty.

Another big factor was the heating for victorian homes was entirely from coal fires. There was no electric heaters or central heating systems to warm their properties.

So not only was heavy drapery fabrics used in making drapes. They also used a curtain interling fabric. This is like a thin blanket that was sewn in between the curtain fabric and regular cotton lining fabric. This then turned their window treatments into thermal insulated drapes.

victorian window treatments

Valance window treatments

Valance window treatments were also used widely as well as curtains for windows. Again there was tow reasons for doing this. The first reason was to disguise the window curtain hardware. They often used brass curtain rods to hang their curtains from. This kind of window treatment hardware did not look all that attractive.

The second reason again was to enhance the overall look of their window treatment design. The kind of window treatments valences they used ranged from gathered pencil pleat valances, swag window treatments and cornice window treatment.

Victorian curtains

When curtains were being used without a valance window treatment. Then the curtains often made with decorative curtain styles such as pinch pleat curtains. Like in the curtain picture to the right here. These have a 6 inch deep pinch pleat heading. Double and triple pleat (also known as french pleat). Another popular curtain design for victorian window treatments was goblet pleat curtains.

Window coverings drapes and valance window treatments were often made using decorative trims. Such as bullion fringes and decorative rope. These were added to simply add interest to the finished look.

Bay window treatment ideas

Many victorian home were built with beatiful bay waindows. This led to a period when window treatment for bay window became all the rage.

Tailored swag window treatments were very popular. These were swag curtains made using swag patterns. This created a really neat formal look to the swag valance.

In this window treatment picture to the left here. The cornice window treatment covers all the window treatment hardware used to hang these curtains.

There is a cornice top board that holds up the fabric covered cornice. The curtain system track is fixed to the under side of this board for hanging curtains.

This kind of Flexible, Bendable Curtain Track Kit allows you to hang just one pair of curtains on the wide window.

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