Traverse Curtain Rods

Discover the easy guide to traverse curtain rods. At first they can seem so complicated and fiddly to sort out. The video below will show you step be step how they work, and how to install this kind of curtain hardware with no trauma.

They are very flexible in the sense that they expand to fit wide window treatments. So you won't have to cut the rod to size. Also they have the benefit of cord controls to open and close your curtains.

A lot of people say to me that they don't like these regular traverse rods :-(

They tell me they think they look a bit ugly and clunky :-(

Well I will tell you that I have been to customers homes to hang curtains only to discover that these tracks are fitted. When I ask how long they have been fitted and am told

from between 10 and 20 years.

Other than being a bit discolored they are in perfect working order. So proof if I ever saw it :-)

The only thing I have found occasionally is that the cords may wear. However this only happens after many years of use and they can be replaced without too much fuss.

So in my humble opinion... agree with me or not, I love them because they are:

traverse curtain rods

  • So practical being made of steel
  • Also so easy to fit.
  • They are also sooooo.. reliable it's untrue.
  • They last a very long time, even when used daily

  • The great thing about these curtain rods is the curtain rod brackets. These discount curtain rods don't just have the regular three brackets that normal decorative curtain rods have.

    They have extra curtain brackets that help to distribute the weight more evenly across the rod. This stops that sagging look when you hang heavy curtains.

    If you have really heavy curtains then you can buy extra ones for the regular rod to give it extra support if you need them as here on the left.

    Looking for something more attractive ?

    Decorative Traverse Rod

    If you don't like the look of the regular white traverse curtain rod. Then you have a few options. You can choose a decorative traverse rod like the one just on the right here. They work in exactly the same way as the regular traverse rods. The only real difference other than the look is the price. Obviously they cost more but they look really good.

    Another good option if using the regular white curtain rod, and one I really like is to hang valance window treatments using a valance rod or fabric covered window treatment cornice over them. This then covers all the curtain drapery hardware. That way you get a great smooth operating curtain rod and you don't have to look at it.

    A great solution for wide window treatments

    Decorative Traverse Curtain Rods
    to fit wide window treatments
    up to 156 inches

    Wide window treatments can cause problems with getting long curtain rods. Once your window width exceeds 12ft it becomes harder to find suitable window treatment hardware. However with regular and decorative traverse curtain rods you can easily cover a width of up to 156 inches (13ft). Like these ones on the right here.

    Need an even wider curtain rod ?

    Sometimes even these long traverse curtain rods are not wide enough. Then you will need an extra long curtain rod that will cover a maximum width of 240 inches (20ft).

    Yes unbelievable but true.

    You can see them here on the left over on ebay. However I would advise against hanging very heavy curtains from these super wide curtain rods. You will find it very difficult to open and close your drapes using the cord controls.

    Also the pressure of pulling the cord controls a few times on such a wide curtain rod with heavy drapes. Will very quickly cause the curtain rod bracket to start working loose from the wall at that end of the curtain rod.

    A really good option on an extra wide window treatment with heavier curtains would be to use two curtain rods. These would meet in the middle over your window. Each curtain rod would have its own cord controls that operate each curtain separately.

    So there would be only half the weight in your drapes to deal with. If this idea is something you think would work for your drapes and curtains. Then you can find the window curtain hardware you need here. Just buy a left control rod and a right control rod and install them together in the middle.

    Hanging a single curtain

    If you only want to hang a single curtain for example to cover a doorway. Then you can alter an existing traverse curtain rod by making a few simple alterations. Rather than trying to explain in writing it is a lot easier to just watch this short video here.

    A far simpler option is to just buy a new curtain rod that is made to work with a single curtain. you can get them ready made with either a left control or right control.

    With the decorative traverse rods you will need to alter them for single curtain operation. I have not found any that are pre-made this way. So again use the video here to alter the decorative rod. The way they work is exactly the same as for the regular white curtain rods.

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