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Why Do I Use Step Stool Ladders
To Install Curtain Rods

When it comes to installing any curtain rods. The main issues are comfort, safety and practicality. So I have found that step stool ladders work the best for me. This is after trying all kinds of other step ladders over the years. The 3 main reasons are as follows.

Comfort as in do I find it easy to work on the top step. being able to move around a little and turn around to face the opposite direction without struggling.

Safety as in are strong enough to carry my weight and also the weight of the window curtain hardware I am installing. Also the weight when I am hanging curtains.

Practicality as in will they fit easily in my vehicle and are they easy to carry around. Bearing in mind that sturdy ladders will weigh more than cheap aluminum step ladders.

All images of ladders below are curtesy of, click any image for more details

So why step stool ladders ?

The step ladder safety aspect comes from the fact again that the steps are large and deep. This means when I am swinging around with curtain rods or large heavy curtains. I always feel secure and stable, there is no rocking side to side as with some other cheaper aluminum step ladders. Like these in the image below that I recommend you don't use.

These may be light and easy to move around. That comes at the price of having very small steps and very a slim light weight frame. These are probably ok to use for light weight jobs like getting something small off a high shelf and the like.

The practicality factor is as I have said, is being able to get them easily in and out almost any size vehicle. Also being able to get them in and around furniture easily without struggling.

Another comfort factor comes from being able use these stool ladders as a seat to take a break on and eat my lunch after a hard morning installing curtain rods and hanging heavy curtains :-)

I use these 2 step ladders for around 80% of the curtain hanging work I do. For the rest I use the ladders just below.

Ladders I use for installing long curtains

These tall step ladders are very useful for hanging curtains on very tall windows. These are folding step ladders that can be stored in small spaces rather than hanging on a ladder rack along a wall.

The thing I like about them is that they are very stable to work on. This comes in part from the wide foot bar on each end.

As with any ladder, the taller they are the more you need to think about step ladder safety. You can't reach out very far sideways without loosing your balance. Even with the wide feet. Also these ladders are not as comfortable to work on as the step stool ladders I talk about above.

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