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Easy Scarf Window Treatments

Scarf window treatments can really transform your windows without lots of hard work or major expense. These really are simple window treatments that anyone can have a go at installing themselves.

Scarf valances are simply a long piece of fabric that is hemmed on the edges. Sometimes they can have lining sewn on to the back to give a contrast color. As you can see in this window treatment picture just below when hung and dressed over a decorative curtain rod they can look stunning.

Scarf window treatments

The other option you have is to find out how to make valances like this for yourself using your own fabric. Don't worry it really is not that hard it is a really simple window treatment to start with.

You can watch my video showing you how to make one for yourself. The link is lower down on this page, but before you do I recommend you read about how to measure for this kind of window treatment just below.

How to measure for drapes

Swag window treatments like this are very simple when it comes to how to measure for drapes. In these window treatment examples all you need to do is measure from the top of the decorative curtain rod down to where you want the scarf window treatments to come to.

Calabria Satin Swag Holder

I personally like them to the floor but furniture or other things may prevent this. Then take this length measurement and double it to allow for both sides. Then measure the with of the curtain rod and add this to the length down the sides.

Then finally add just a little extra to the total length to allow the swag to sag down a little between the sides (as in the picture here).

So all you need to do is find your fabric and simply hem it on all four sides. It could not be easier to do, then it is ready to hang. So these really are easy window treatments.

Scarf window treatments

You have 2 other ways you can hang scarf valances like these. The first is by using curtain holdbacks like this one here above on the right. this is how the scarf swag is held up in the window treatment picture above left. A very simple window treatment idea that anyone can do for themselves.

The other is to use a swag holder like this one here on the left. I would not use this swag holder style with a thick heavy fabric. you will find it very difficult to thread the fabric through the hole. This is another really easy window treatment to install yourself.

Using a double curtain rod

Double Curtain Rod
48 - 84 inch w/ Faceted Finial
Satin Nickel

If you want to be hanging drapes on the same window treatment as your scarf valance. Then hanging curtains and the scarf window treatment from double curtain rods like this one on the right could be the answer.

Your window coverings drapes would hang from the back curtain rod. Then your scarf window treatment would hang from the front curtain rod. This means you are only installing one set of window curtain hardware over your window.

Looking For Super Easy No Sew Window Treatments

Scarf window treatments

When it somes to a no sew window treatment this is one of the easiest valance sewing patterns you can get.

Anyone can make their own beautiful no sew scarf valance. So you don't need any skills sewing valances to create your own beautiful window treatments. So anyone can turn their curtain ideas in to reality.

By following the simple step by step video guide here. You can watch me create one in no time at all.

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