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Rod Pocket Drapes

Rod pocket drapes can be found everywhere and are the ultimate word in simple window treatments.

  • NO curtain header to gather
  • NO curtain hooks to fiddle with
  • NO curtain rod rings to mess with
  • So all you need is your drape and your decorative curtain rod.

    The BIG thing you need to make sure of is that the rod pocket is...

  • Wide enough for your decorative curtain rod to fit through
  • That there is enough room to gather the fabric without struggling
  • So I recommend that whatever your rod width is the pocket need to be double that to allow it to wrap around the rod.

    As you can see from this window treatment picture. That even simple window treatments like this can look stunning when hung properly and dressed back using curtain tiebacks.

    rod pocket drapes

    It is also well worth thinking about your other decor and furnishing when choosing the right fabric for curtains. As in the pictures of window treatments on this page.

    In this window treatment photo everything co-ordinates. This kind of design gives a calm feel to the room. To add a little more life to the room you could use a different color for the tassel tie backs and cushions.

    Using Ready Made Drapes

    This can be a very cheap window treatment, it can also be a very quick way to get hanging curtains.

    The down side of buying ready made curtains is that...

  • the quality is often not very good
  • the set sizes are often not right for a lot of windows.
  • They end up being too short or too long. A little longer can look good as in the window treatment photos on this page. This gives a luxurious look to the curtains.

    When it comes to price, we all want to pay cheap drapes money...

    but you definitely DON'T don't want a cheap drapes look.

    So to get the designer curtains look like these on this page. what I recommend is that you find out how to make these rod pocket drapes for yourself...DON'T PANIC!

    It's really not a difficult as you might think and you will end up with...

  • Far better quality curtains
  • The fabric of your choice
  • Curtains exactly the right size
  • Don't panic as these really are easy sewing projects. Even if you don't know how sewing machines work. You can sew the curtains by hand and will find some useful videos to help you on this site.

    Even though it will take longer sewing by hand. I would seriously recommend you go in this direction because...

  • You don't need to know anything about sewing machines
  • You will end up with a better looking pair of quality curtains.

  • Do You Want To Know How To Make Beautiful Curtains
    Like These Rod Pocket Drapes

    When it comes to making drapes these rod pocket drapes are one of the really easy window treatments to try first if you have no prior experience with how to sew curtains.

    rod pocket drapes

    I am creating an easy step by step series of short videos as we speak. They will show you how simple it is to make these Rod Pocket Drapes at home with some basic tools.

    You will discover how to...

  • Measure up correctly for this window treatment style
  • Calculate the fabrics you will need
  • Cut your fabrics to the right Size
  • Sew your curtains together correctly
  • Install your window treatment hardware
  • Dress your curtains for the designer look
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    Why Use Curtain Tiebacks ?

    rod pocket drapes

    You will need to use either curtain tie backs or hold back arms like in the image here.

    The tops of these curtains by design stay together across the curtain rod permanently.

    So this means you will need to hold the curtains off the window using either method, tassel tie back or hold back arms.

    Otherwise your drapes would be permanently closed.

    How To Hang Curtain Rods For
    These Curtain Styles

    With these kinds of curtains you will see in the images that the curtain rods are installed a lot higher over the windows than the 5 or 6 inches I usually recommend.

    The reason for this is to allow you to tie the curtains back off the windows more. Allowing for that fact that the curtain tops stay together at the center of the rod.

    These really are simple window treatments that almost anyone can have a go at making these rod pocket drapes for themselves. So "sign up" below and get notified immediately the moment the easy step by step video guide is available.

    You will soon be making drapes you will be proud to show off.

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