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Patio Door Window Treatments

Why does it matter what kind of patio door window treatments you buy ?

Well if you want your new patio door curtains to look great and work even better. Then yes it does matter what curtain style you use. It also matters what kind of window treatment hardware you install as well.

So when it comes to using wide curtains as patio door window treatments, french door window treatments and window treatments for sliding doors. Really any wide window that needs very wide curtains to cover it. You will need to use the right curtain styles and curtain window hardware to make it work perfectly.

So which kind of curtains window coverings you should avoid....!

Problem Tab Top Curtains And Tie Top Curtains

Tab top curtains and tie top curtains are a nightmare to use as patio door window treatments. The problem is that the tabs or ties hanging from the rod don't like to slide along as you try to open and close your curtains.

Instead what happens is that they drag along the rod. They end up all overlapping and twisting out of shape. This in turn makes the rest of your curtain underneath hang badly. You either end up with a very scruffy looking pair of curtains that you live with. Or you end up spending a lot of time dressing your curtains back in to some kind of order.

So I would only recommend these curtain styles for patio door curtains, if you are only using them to dressthe sides of your window. Just as show curtains to soften the window and add some interest.

Nightmare Rod Pocket Curtains A.K.A Slot Top Curtains

rod pocket curtains

These in my opinion are another no go area when hanging patio door window treatments. This is another style of curtain does not like sliding over long curtain rods. It tends to get stuck part way and needs to be helped along by moving the middle of the curtain then going back to the leading edge your curtain to finish opening.

Another problem with these curtains is that once you have got them opened up off the window. They then have the habit of wanting to creep back over the window more than you want. So often the only way to cure this problem is to put them into curtain tie backs.

So these are another of the window treatment styles I would avoid. They may be cheap curtains but they can drive you mad as wide window treatments. Also they can start to look very untidy very quickly.

Discover lots more about Rod Pocket Drapes here.

Next a few curtain styles I would recommend you use on wide windows!

Contemporary Grommet Drapes

Grommet panels curtain design with the rings cut into the top of the curtain panel are great curtain ideas for patio door window treatments like these for several reasons.

For one they are very modern and contemporary curtains. That can really add modern feel to a room that has simple clean lines. It's the way the curtain rod threads in and out of the grommet rings on the top of the curtain panel. This makes this curtain style hang so neatly and naturally into smart looking pleats with very little effort.

When it comes to learning how to hang curtains, these are also simple window treatments to hang that don't need curtain hooks of any kind. Also not having to gather the curtain header up by pulling the the cords as with pencil pleat curtain headings. On wide curtains this can be fiddly and tedious job.

Discover lots more about Grommet Drapes here.

Stylish Pinch Pleat Curtains

Another good curtain style are pinch pleat drapes for use as patio door curtains. When I refer to pinch pleat curtains I mean the kind that have the stiffener buckram in the header that forms the pleats on the top of the curtain.

They come in several curtain designs, such as double pleat, triple pleat, cartridge pleat and goblet pleat. Not the kind that use the specialty curtain tape that you sew on to create the pleats. These kind don't work nearly as well in my opinion. The tape has a habit of moving about when you open and close your patio door window treatments.

The reason this kind of curtain design works well is because of the evenly spaced pleats that are pinched together at the top of the curtain and then sewn together to hold them in place.

This has the effect of making the rest of the curtain below to want to hang naturally into pleats following down from each pinch pleat. When first hung the curtains have to be dressed into their pleats to get them to fall right. You start at the top of the curtain and work your way down.

Often I will tie bands of scrap fabric around the pleated dressed curtains top, middle and bottom. Then leave them on for a few days to train the curtain into its pleats. Then hopefully when you take them off the curtain can be opened and closed with the pleats staying in place.

This kind of curtain uses drapery pin hooks to hang them with. These metal nickel hooks have a pin that pierces the fabric and backram on the back of the curtain header right next to each pleat. They are usually set down about a 1/4 inch from the top of the curtain.

Then you simply put the hook part through the little eyelet that hangs under curtain ring on your decorative curtain rod. These curtains are designed to hang from the curtain rings under the curtain rod and not in front of the rod.

Discover lots more about Pinch pleat curtains here.

The Right Window Curtain Hardware !

This is another big area to make sure you get right if you want your patio door window treatments to look great and work even better. So I have put together a few simple tips to keep everything running smoothly (especailly your curtains).

Don't use wooden curtain rods with grommet drapes as the metal grommet rings tend to drag on wood curtain rods. I recommend you use a metal decorative curtain rod in a color to match your grommets.

Don't use metal decorative curtains rods that are expandable. These are the kind of curtain rods that have one tube slightly slimmer than the other. Then the slimmer rod slides in and out the othe wider rod. This allows the rod to fit wider windows without being cut to size. This sounds like a great idea but in practice makes opening and closing your curtains of any kind difficult.

The problem starts where the two rods overlap each other. This creates a ridge that the curtain panel, curtain rings, grommet rings have difficulty passing without a lot of playing around with the curtain.

Do use a metal or wooden curtain rods with curtain rings for hanging pinch pleated drapes of any style. Just make sure the rods are in two halves that meet in the middle of your window. This way the center curtain rod bracket will cover where he rods meet. So avoiding the curtains snagging.

Discover lots more about curtain rods here.

Do use decorative traverse curtain rods as these are made to operate efficiently with patio door window treatments. This style of window curtain hardware is really a curtain track disguised to look like a decorative curtain rod.

Do use standard white traverse curtain rods that work really well with window treatments for sliding doors and for french door window treatments. This kind of window treatment hardware is not as atractive as the decorative kind. So often it is used with valance window treatments hung from a valance rod in front.

Discover lots more about traverse curtain rods here.

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