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Easy No Sew Curtains

Why use NO sew curtains. The most obvious reason is that you need window coverings drapes of some kind but can't sew.

Also not being able to sew you may not be able to easily buy ready made drapes in the sizes you need. For example you may need window treatments for large windows.

You may need curtains to fit very small windows, or very narrow windows that you can't even seem to buy anywhere. Even when searching for odd size drapes online.

Maybe you are just simply looking for easy make curtains just to have a go and see what you can create for yourself. What ever the reason these videos just below will help you get started with these super easy no sew window treatments.

Ring clip no sew curtains video

no sew curtains

The finished pair of ring clip curtains

If you haven't already watched the video just above then I recommend you do. The video above showing you how to make your own curtains, shows how to create the curtain side seams and bottom hem.

The curtain making video just below shows you how to create the same curtains but with a gathered pencil pleat heading. So go on and watch these videos and find out how easy making drapes can be.

No sew pencil pleat curtains video

no sew curtains

Finished pencil pleat pleat curtains

Now when it comes to making these simple window treatments I recommend you use light to medium weight curtain fabrics. This will ensure that the finished curtains don't fall out of the ring clips. Also so that the pencil pleat curtain tape is not pulled undone by the weight of the finished curtains.

So what are you waiting for go and get started on your own easy make curtain project. You will be surprised how easy it is to create a great looking window treatment in no time at all.

If you found this curtain making guide useful. Then please pass it along to your friends and family on social forums and blogs. Even better if you really liked it then link back to this article. So others can find out how to make swag curtains for themselves.

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