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"How To Measure For Grommet Top Curtains"

To start with there are a few simple rules I use when I measure for grommet top curtains to hang from a decorative curtain rod or pole. You want them to look good but also be practical. Such as clearing the window when open and not draping over an obstruction under the window. Things like Radiators, sofas or other furniture.

Watch the short video below and see what I recommend when measuring a window for curtains correctly. I have also listed some tips below the video to recap on the important points to remember. I also added few other things that will help you with this project.

My Quick Tips List

No.1Fit your curtain track at least 4 inches over the top of your window. Assuming there is room, it will look better. I usually fit my curtain track at 5 or 6 inches over the top of the window frame. This allows the curtain header to sit over the wall so is not seen from outside. I think it just looks so much better.

No.2The width of the track is the width of your window plus 5 or 6 inches past both sides. This allows your curtain to pull back of the window allowing maximum light to enter the room.

Occasionally I would make the curtain track an inch or two wider if your curtains are made of thick fabric or have heavy blackout lining.

To work out how wide each curtain panel should be (assuming a pair). You need to allow for each panel un-gathered to be appoximately the same with of the curtain rod. Give or take a couple of inches. This allows the curtains to have enough gathered fabric when hanging over your window.

No.3In most cases it will be so much easier to get accurate width and length measurements with your chosen curtain hardware already fitted in place over your window.

You may end up fitting the window treatment hardware slightly higher or lower. Often this is because the wall fixings are not secure enough, or because of an obstruction not noticed earlier.

No.4Then hook your steel tape measure on the top edge of the track. This is so the track is not seen when the curtains are closed. Then measure down to where you want your curtains to finish. Maybe to just go to the window sill or a few inches past the window sill. Alternatively down to the floor. This gives you the finished curtain drop.

No.5Use a pad and pen and write down each size as you measure. Then go back and double check your sizes to make sure there are no errors. Even better ask someone else to check for you.

If you are measuring for very wide or long curtains. Then I would definitely have some one help you by holding one end of the tape measure while you pull out the tape and measure more accurately.

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"Dear Lee, Just wanted to say I found your site last week and it was an absolute godsend. Most helpful and informative - easy to follow instructions - and my very first bay window pelmet looks like the work of a true (and expensive) professional!

The pelmet and curtains both look much better in real life than on the photo of course. My wife thinks it all looks the work of a real pro rather than a first time amateur! Many many thanks for your site.

Kind regards Neal"

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