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Tips For Made To Measure Curtains

Avoid costly mistakes buying made to measure curtains online or else where, save yourself a lot of heartache and expense by reading this article first. .

When it comes to shopping for custom made curtains you have probably discovered that they can cost a lot more than regular ready made curtains. Sometimes a huge amount more....

....and at first glance it's hard to work out why.

I will discuss where your money goes in just a minute but for now I want to talk about why my customer decide to spend their hard earned cash on these designer window treatments.

If You have a bay window then take a look at the tips and advice on bay window curtains.

made to measure curtains

Most of my customers that have enquired about having made to measure curtains are looking to dress windows in the main three rooms in their homes. The living room, the dining room and the master bedroom.

Problem With Ready
Made Drapes

Often these rooms have the largest windows in the house and that is where one of the main problems starts. Ready made curtains are often not wide enough to fit properly. They also are either too short or too long so need to be altered (In which case you might as well have had them made).

They also find that these ready made curtains don't come in the kind of styles with top treatments that they were looking for. Another thing is getting ready made curtains with the right kind of curtain lining. Such as blackout lining, thermal lining and interlining. So perhaps the right fabric, but the wrong style and make up

These people have usually had the room redecorated and new flooring laid, sometimes even new furniture. So they now want to do something special with their window. They want the new made to measure curtains to fit perfectly and they want them made in the curtain fabric of their choice. They also want to choose the curtain style to suit their room.

They have ruled out buying ready made curtains (because of the above reasons) and because it is going to cost a fair amount to get made to measure curtains. They want to make sure they get exactly what they want, as they are going to have to live with them for many years to get value for money out of them.

So enough of what motivates most of my customers to buy made to measure curtains in the first place. Now lets talk about where the money goes....!!!

To start with a big chunk of the cost can be for the curtain fabric itself. Some famous name designer fabrics can cost way above £ 150 per yard. If you think that some windows need curtains using between 15 and 25 yards of fabric. You can see how the bill can turn in to telephone numbers very quickly.

On occasion some husbands accompanying their wives go very quiet and very pale :-(

However you don't need to spend anywhere that amount to get some really great curtain fabrics. If you shop around a bit especially online you can get suitable fabrics from around $12.00 per yard upwards. sometimes even less.

However before buying any discount curtain fabrics I would seriously recommend you read the tips, advice and warnings about buying curtain fabrics. Take a look at the curtain fabrics page here.

made to measure curtains

Single curtain with a deep gathered
valance top treatment

Benefits Of Made To
Order Curtains

With most made to measure curtains the side seams and curtain hems are hand sewn for a quality finish and better draping qualities. They also have small weights in the hems at the corners and seems. This helps keep them hanging beautifully.

Benefits Of Drapery Lining Fabric

Next you have the curtain lining fabrics, most of the curtains in the window treatment photos on this page are made with a curtain interlining (like a thin blanket) to give them "body". A common one used is a bonded interlining. Meaning the thicker interlining is fixed to the cotton regular lining. The side seams and curtain hems are usually hand sewn for a quality finish and better draping qualities.

Personally I will only make curtains this way when using light fabrics such as silk, taffetas and others made from light polyester fibres. This kind of curtain lining transforms what are nice but very light curtain fabrics in to substantial full bodied luxury looking curtains.

Heavier fabrics such as damasks, velvets and chenilles can be made with a cotton sateen lining fabric and still look good. However you can still choose to have the thicker lining option. It's really just a matter of personal preference when making made to measure curtains from these kinds of fabrics.

The curtain headings in the window treatment photos on this page are created using a three inch pencil pleat tape. Other styles of curtain headers could be eyelet curtains, Pinch pleat (triple and double), goblet pleat and cartridge pleat. Plus many more that I won't go in to right now.

The pencil pleat heading is the least expensive way to make your curtains. Other than rod pocket top curtains. however I don't recommend this curtain style for working curtains. That is curtains you want to draw back off the windows on a daily basis.

made to measure curtains

In all of the curtain pictures on this page you will see they have a top treatment. These ones are upholstered padded pelmets and a gathered pencil pleat valance and serve two functions. The first is to decorate the top of the window, creating a more finished look. The second is to hide away the curtain tracks and other curtain hardware.

I think you will agree that this makes for a really super smart looking set of made to measure curtains. If you bought these for your window your friends and family would see straight away that you have had designer curtains made and fitted professionally.

There's no doubt about it, you don't get made to measure curtains like these out of a packet delivered in the post :-)

made to measure curtains

These curtains are also hanging from a custom made metal curtain track with nylon curtain gliders. These will carry a lot of weight and operate smoothly for many years.

These curtain tracks are also made to overlap in the middle. This makes your curtains close properly and look professionally installed. We can do this because we use top boards for hanging the top treatments and hanging the curtains.

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