Living room curtains drapes

Discover how to avoid a costly mistake buying living room curtains drapes as they are often the most expensive curtains window coverings in most folks homes. These simple tips and advice will keep you out of trouble.

What is the first big thing to consider before you rush out and buy your new window treatments. That is the style of your living room, the decor and furnishings. Most folks are not going to change absolutely everything in the room. So the curtain designs you choose have to sit right with everything else that is staying.

Another big thing to consider is your home style, is it modern or more traditional. Is it arts and craft or more art deco, maybe Victorian or a modern condo. So these two big things should be on your mind when choosing the right kind of window treatments to suit your home.

The living room is where people spend the most money on buying new curtains and drapes. So take your time and choose something that really suits your room and home. Also something that you will enjoy owning for many years to come.

There are a few common sense rules to apply when trying to come up with ideas for interesting window treatments:

  • Don't hang swags over windows where you have little room above because of a low ceiling. The swag window treatments will hang too low over the window blocking your view and obstructing light.
  • Do consider hanging valance window treatments as well as curtains in rooms with high ceilings. This helps to decorate the space over the window and tends to frame the window better. If you really don't like window treatments valences. Then consider installing your decorative curtain rod a few inches higher than normal. This will give your window coverings drapes more impact.
  • Don't hang grommet drapes or tab drapes if your decor and furnishings are more traditional. Hang curtains such as pinch pleat curtains or pencil pleat curtains.
  • Don't use heavily patterned drapery fabrics if you have lots of pattern on your walls. The same goes for patterned area rugs or other patterned flooring as well. It is very difficult to get busy patterns to sit comfortably together.
  • Do consider using patterned drapery fabrics if your room decor is very plain. Such as plain painted walls and wood floors or plain carpets. This will create an attractive focal point in your room.
  • Do consider choosing a complimentary but contrasting color for your new living room curtains drapes. This will really give your window treatment a big impact.
  • Do choose heavier drapery fabric if hanging extra long drapes or hanging wide window treatments.Using thinner fabrics on large window treatments will cause them to look like a cheap window treatment. Even if the fabric cost quite a bit of money. Heavier fabric don't always mean more money.
  • Do consider using sheer window treatments to filter light and provide some privacy. You could always hang double curtain rods to allow you to hang two pairs of curtains on the same window.

  • So plan carefully when choosing your next living room curtains drapes and you end up with an investment in your home. Rather than an expensive mistake.

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