My List Of Hand Tools

Hi, I'm going to show you my list of hand tools that I use for installing curtains every week.

I like to keep things as simple as possible. So my list is as short as I can make it :-)

The best hand tools are not always the most expensive. For doing this kind of work just occasionally you can get away with some cheap hand tools. If you have little or no tools. Then you can get most of what you need in cheap hand tool sets rather than buying everything separate.

Another option would be to check on sites like ebay for used hand tools. You can end up getting some top quality stuff for a fraction of the new price.

A lot of folks don't like lending out their tools, even to family. However if you are short of just one or two items. I would ask around family, friends and neighbors before buying. This is especially true if you don't plan on doing this kind of work much in the future.

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My list of hand tools for installing curtain rods

Screw drivers (pozi drive) various sizes. You will probably not need all these screwdrivers to install your new curtain rod. However you might need others for removing existing hardware fitted over your window.

Screw drivers (slotted) various sizes

Large hack saw for cutting curtain rods to size. Your curtain rod is almost certainly not going to be the right width. I recommend you even cut to size expandable curtain rods. As this will allow the curtain rod rings to glide smoothly.

Hammer for tapping wall anchors in to drilled holes ready for securing the curtain rod brackets with screws

Spirit level for checking level of curtain rod brackets. This one is magnetic so it will stick to any metal curtain rod to check your level is correct without having to hold it.

Pliers for removing wall anchors as sometimes the first attempt does not work and you need to start again with a different kind of wall anchor

Allen keys for if they are missing from your new window treatment hardware. Also for taking down old hardware. A lot of curtain hardware uses allen key operated grub screws to secure the parts together

Dust pan and hand brush, I hold the dust pan under the drill as I make the holes and catch the dust. this way almost no dust falls to the floor

Wide blade steel tape measure for getting accurate sizes for your curtains and hardware

Pencil for marking position of brackets and drill holes on the wall over your window

I hope you found my list of hand tools I use personally useful. I'm sure you have half the stuff listed here in your home tool kit already. So you only need to buy what you can't borrow :-)

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