Kitchen Window Treatment Problem

by Angela
(Birmingham, UK)

I'm looking for a new idea for my kitchen/dining room. At the moment I have a fabric pelmet (cornice) and curtains, on my window over the sink. The dining area end, we have a door to the conservatory, which is mostly wedged open,Inwards.

The door and adjoining window have a pelmet (cornice) running right across. I have 2 roman blinds on both windows, also a door curtain, which is hidden as the door is propped open. Help!!I would love a new look. These curtains were
made 2 measure.


Hi Angela

Sorry running a little late replying to you. Will you forgive me ?. Right to your question it is a broad subject you ask about.A kitchen window treatment design.

I cannot give you an exact answer to this question. It depends on several factors such as your decor in your kitchen/diner. Then there is the practicality of the design for the location. Then finally your personal taste.

I recommend you do some research online. Have a checklist before you start of the theme you are trying to create. For example is it going to be

  • Contemporary or Traditional

  • Country Kitchen Style

  • Arts and Crafts Style

  • You really do need to narrow it down to one style. Then work on it some more to narrow it down even further. It could pay to get the opinion of your friends and family. Often you can't see the wood for the trees.

    So getting other perspectives can often either give you new ideas you would never have thought of. Or help to really narrow down your choices.

    My own personal preference is to keep the kitchen nice and simple. This will help you narrow down the field. Just one thing before I sign off. You said that the door is propped open most of the time with the
    curtain hidden behind it.

    Why not just loose the curtain in your next window treatment project and save some money on something you hardly see.

    Best regards


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