How To Make Swag Curtains

Have you always wanted to know how to make swag curtains but always thought they were too complicated to make properly.

Well I'm glad to say that they look far more complicated than they really are. These really are easy make curtains anyone can make with NO prior curtain making ability.

Valance patterns

To make them successfully you will need to use a swag curtain pattern. The wider your window the more swags you make to get the right width for your curtain rod. These really are a simple window treatment to make at home.

You can hand sew these window treatments or use a sewing machine if you have one.

You can use this curtain style pattern to create different looks for your window top treatment. It all depends on how you choose to hang your swags and which fabrics you use.

Take a look at the different ways you can hang these swag curtains just below.

In the window treatment photo just here I have used a plain fabric to give a contrast. The same swag curtain pattern has been used for both.

These waterfall swags are so easy to hang. Simply slide you curtain rod through the pockets on your swags to hang. Slide each swag along the rod and push to gather the swag in to shape.

In the window treatments photo here you will see these waterfall swags interlocked on the curtain rod.

Again this is a very easy way to hang your swag valances. This way creates just a little bit more interest with your swags.

Finally the curtain photo below is the same interlocking swags as above only using the second fabric to add interest again.

It also makes it easier to see how the swags overlap each other using the contrasting fabrics. These waterfall swags can be hung from almost any kind of curtain rod.

Discover How To Make Beautiful Swag Curtains

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