How to Hang Store-bought Pinch Pleat Curtains

by Anedra
(Los Angeles, California)

I bought 26" width panels from Bed Bath & Beyond and am having a hard time hanging them properly. These panels have flat sections on either end of the panel and when I hang them side by side, I end up with two flat sections right next to each other.

This disrupts the flat, pinch pleat, flat, pinch pleat, etc. pattern. When the drapes are extended across the window, it makes it look like a pleat is missing where two panels meet.

How can I fix this? They have narrow loops (tabs) on the back of the drape so that I can hang them on a curtain rod without clips or hooks. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Anedra

I know exactly what you mean about the flat sections that meet when you draw your curtain panels together.

You have hung your curtains exactly as you should have done. The problem is with the way they are designed. However you can solve this problem simply. However you may not like the finished solution.

You would need to rehang one of your panels. Only this time don't pass the curtain rod through the first tab. Start from the second tab.

Now you will have the flat section on this panel loose. This section will be able to cross over the flat section on the other panel when you draw the curtains together. This will make the flat sections between the pleats look even.

Now I don't know how wide the flat section is. If it is only a couple of inches wide. It should support itself and hang nicely. Much wider than this and it may want to flop down. So making the curtain hang badly.

Your only other option would be to buy some new curtain rings with clips. Then add a ring to the top of each pleat. Then one to each flat end of your panels. At the ends that meet, the rings can be set half way across the flat section on each curtain. This will allow your curtains to overlap.

The major difference between these two solutions will be the look. One way means the curtain rod disappears behind the curtains when closed. The second solution means that you will always see the curtain rod. As you curtains hang from underneath on the curtain rod rings.

I hope one of these solutions makes these curtains work as you want.

All the best


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