How To Hang Home Theater Curtains

by Steve
(San Diego, Ca)

Hi I am trying to get the room I use for my home theater to be as dark as possible. I have a screen projector system that works better the darker it is.

I have hung some black out curtains from a metal curtain rod. The only problem is that there is still far too much light getting in to the room.

It is mostly coming in from the top and sides of my curtains. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening. Like using a different kind of curtain rod. I still want the curtains to look really good. So just blocking the windows is not an option.

Any ideas you have would be gratefully received.



HI Steve

Funny you should ask this question as I have just put together a simple guide to getting "perfect hanging black out curtains"

It is as you have guessed all to do with the kind of window treatment hardware you use. Also the way you then go about hanging your curtains. I have put a link to the guide lowe down this page.

Just to give you a heads up on what your will find in the guide. I have put some pointers just here.

  • Use a curtain track rather than a curtain rod

  • Fit your curtain track to the underside of a cornice board

  • Make sure your curtains not only meet in the middle but overlap by 5 or 6 inches. Do this with overlapping curtain tracks

  • Get your curtains on the outside edges to meet and hug the wall

  • Install extra wide window curtain hardware. So rather than going just 5 inches past each side of your window as normal. Fit the tracks 10 inches past on each side

  • Then create your own fabric covered window treatment cornice. This blocks even more light and hides all that ugly curtain hardware from view

  • So to get all the details you need to create your own room darkening curtains. Just use the link below and get your free cop of the guide.

    All the best


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