How To Hang grommet drapes

Discover how to hang grommet drapes the easy way. simply follow the tips just below or watch the short video guide.

You will see how easy it is to hang this curtain style to get the perfect look for your own window treatment.

Find out how the professionals get those curtains to hang so beautifully.

The info on this page is all about how to hang grommet curtains, so if you want more details before you start on how to measure for grommet drapes then click here. .

Useful Tips on Hanging Grommet Drapes

1. Use a curtain rod no thicker than just over half the size of the grommet holes. This stops the grommet rings locking on the rod as the drapes move.

2. Preferably use a metal curtain rod as your curtains will slide better with the metal grommet rings.

3. Use curtain panels that together are twice the width of the decorative curtain rod. This stops the grommet rings locking on the rod as you close them.

Easy How To Hang Grommet Drapes Guide

1. Curtain hooks are NOT needed for hanging drapes like these with the grommet eyelets. This make this curtain style one of the easiest to hang. You should start by fixing your curtain rod brackets to the wall over your window.

Personally I fit the top of the rod brackets at 5 inches over the top of the window. Assuming there is enough room, otherwise I go for halfway between the ceiling and the top of the window. Then don't install the curtain rod in to the brackets just yet.

2.Now with the curtain rod at ground level, maybe across a table to start preparing your curtains ready for hanging. Firstly you will need to start by removing one of the end finials from your decorative curtain rod.

Next with how to hang grommet drapes youneed to simply thread your curtain rod through each grommet in turn.Making sure the edges of your grommet panel turn back towards the wall.

Next replace the end curtain rod finial to stop the curtain panel sliding off the rod. Then taking the curtain rod with your curtains hanging from it. Now using a step if necessary use a ladder to simply place the rod in to the curtain rod brackets. Then tighten the holding screws on each bracket.

You will need to sit each curtain bracket between the first and second grommet on each outside edge of your rod. This locks the outside edges of your curtain panels so they don't move when your curtains are closed together in the middle.

3. Dressing your grommet drapes is simple. Just start at the top of your curtain panel and push the fabric back between the grommets. Continue down the curtain to create each pleat. One you have all the pleats in place push all the pleats together while running your hands down both sides.

This will help you curtain to hang neatly in to regular pleats. If the pleats are not staying where you have put them. Then tie some bands around the curtain to hold the pleats in place. Leave these bands on for a few days, then remove. This should help the curtains to keep its pleats.

4. Steaming your curtains will help to reduce any creases caused during making or during hanging. Ready made curtains will have creases from being folded in packaging. So I use a steamer like this one here to remove these creases. It is a safer way to remove creases than pressing with a hot iron. The beauty of these is that you can use them on most fabrics including clothes.

So what are you waiting for go and get hanging your own grommet drapes now. You will be surprised how easy it is to create a great looking window treatment like this in no time at all.

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