Discover How To Hang Drapes Perfectly

Have you ever wondered how to hang drapes for that perfect look? Just like they do in those interior design and home magazines!

Believe me, it's nowhere as difficult or time consuming as you might think. So to start with let me give you some easy tips on how I go about removing creases from curtain fabrics.

Then find out how to get your curtains to hang into perfect looking pleats every time. This works for even the most stubborn and wayward curtain fabrics.

Take a look at this window treatment photo below. These curtains with a deep pencil pleat header that I hung over a French door look great. See how the fabric hangs in neat pleats, also not a crease in sight ;-)

how to hang drapes

(no comments about the washing hanging outside the window either :-) ....great looking curtains but but still real everyday life!!!)

Big Drapes Or Small Drapes And How To Treat Them ?

When it comes to how to hang drapes you can simply press out the creases using a hot steam iron on a regular ironing board before you hang them. Just check first that the fabric is Suitable for pressing with a hot iron. If unsure then test a small area on the back of the curtain hem.

For wide curtains or long curtains you are better of hanging your curtains first. You could just press the curtain sides and bottom hem then hang the drapes.

Then finish of using a fabric steamer to remove the creases while they are hanging. It just makes your life so much easier.

What's So Great About Using A Fabric Steamer ?

Fabric steamers come in all shapes and sizes, also priced from very cheap to very costly. The good news is for most of the jobs you will be using them for. The cheaper models are usually more than adequate.

The one I use in the video cost me $ 71 from Amazon ...find out more . I use this several times most days and it has lasted me a couple of years so far. It came with various attachments for hanging clothes ready for steaming.

You can buy much smaller hand held models from around $ 20 ...find out more that will do exactly the same job. The only problem with these smaller steamer units is that you will need to fill up the water tank more often.

You probably asking why you would use a fabric steamer at all?

Good question, I have listed some good reasons here....

  • So much easier to get creases out of wide or long curtains when they are hanging.

  • Steaming fabrics to remove creases creates far less wear on the fabric itself. Also less chance of damaging the fabric Compared to using a hot iron.

  • These steamers are great for not only removing creases from curtains and drapes, but also clothes and bedding. Just Make sure no one is wearing them or sleeping in them at the time ;-)

  • Watch The Quick "how to hang drapes" Video Guide

    (or just read the written guide just below)

    1. Dressing your drapes in pleats start at the top of your curtain panel and push the fabric back between the grommets, pleats, tabs or goblets depending on your curtain style. (For pencil pleat headed curtains and rod pocket drapes. start from the bottom and work the pleats upwards.)

    Then continue down the curtain to creating each pleat. One you have all the pleats in place push all the pleats together while running your hands down both sides.

    This will help you curtain to hang neatly in to regular pleats. If the pleats are not staying where you have put them. Then tie some scrap fabric bands around the curtain at the top middle and bottom, to hold the pleats in place. You can use ribbon or tapes or even string ( I often cut long strips out of plastic bags to use as ties).

    Tie the bands so they pull the pleats close together, but not so they crush the fabric causing creases. Then leave these bands on for a few days, then remove and check how the pleats in your curtains are hanging. If they are still not hanging as well as you want. then put the bands back on your curtains. This will help train the pleats in to shape on your drapes.

    2. Steaming your curtains will help to remove any creases caused during making or hanging your curtains. If you are hanging ready made curtains then they will have creases from being folded in the packaging.

    So using a steamer like this one here on the right will remove these creases from most fabrics. It is a safer way to remove creases than pressing with a hot iron especially on delicate fabrics such as silks.

    Find hundreds of fabric steamers right here on

    So what are you waiting for go and get your drapes looking perfect now. You will be surprise how easy it is to create a great looking window treatment like this in no time at all.

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