How To Hang Curtains

Discover how to hang curtains simply and easily. Just by following the simple tips below you save a whole lot of time and stress. Each curtain style requires a different method of preparation before hanging can begin.

No.1 Using the right kind of step ladders to hang your curtains will help you avoid accidents. When hanging most curtains I use either a 2 or 3 three step folding ladder like these.


The big reason is that wide steps make them very steady for this kind of job. Much more comfortable especially when hanging very heavy curtains. Unlike the narrow step ladders you often see.

No.2 If hanging heavy curtains then try and have someone help you when you hang. They can hold the middle of the curtains taking some of the weight. This really helps when you are trying to put the curtain hooks in to the small eyelets under the curtain rings.

No.3 Depending on your curtain style you will need to do some kind of prep work before you go up your ladder to hang. You will need to insert pin hooks if hanging pinch pleat curtains. If hanging gathered pencil pleat curtains then you will need to insert white nylon curtain header hooks in to the pockets on the back of the header tape.

When it comes to grommet drapes, tab drapes or rod pocket drapes. These styles require no preparation before hanging but still need attention once on the curtain rod to get them looking good.

No.4 Finally the last step in the process is to dress the curtain panels in to neat regular pleats. This goes for all curtain styles but some are quicker to get looking great.

Some drapery fabric will need what I call "training" in to shape and may benefit from being steamed to remove creases and aid hanging. I often tie the freshly pleated and steamed curtains in to place using bands tied around the pleats at regular intervals down the length of the curtain panels.

These can be left on from a day to up to a week. Take them off every couple of days and see how the curtain hangs. If still not satisfied then tie the bands back around the pleats for a couple more days.

Below are quick links to more detailed examples of how to hang each of the different curtain styles. The right way to hang each one is slightly different, so make sure you read the right one for your chosen curtain style.

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