Discover How To Hang Curtain Rods

Discover how to hang curtain rods without making a mess of what is really a simple job anyone can can have a go at doing for themselves.

It's all about following a few simple steps to getting your window curtain hardware exactly where it needs to be over your window. So that your new curtains hang right and work as you want them to.

It's all about being prepared with the right kind of ladders and the right kind of tools. This will obviously make your job of hanging curtain rods so much easier and faster.

When it comes to how to hang curtains, the way I go about installing any new window treatment is to step back and just look at the window for a minute. I think about where I'm going to fit the curtain rod brackets over the window.

I do a quick inspection for cables and pipes that might be hidden in the wall. With electrical cables I just look for power sockets and light switches. I know then the cable will run either up or down from the middle of the socket or switch. I can then move the place where I was going to fix my curtain rod bracket a little to the left or right. When it comes to how to hang curtain rods an inch or two won't matter so much.

Now when it comes to water pipes, there should not be any running around your windows (famous last words). It happens that some builders take short cuts and hide pipes where whey shouldn't. If they are metal pipes then a detector should pick them up. If they are plastic then that's where the fun starts.

Again when I investigate how to hang curtain rods a little before I drill any holes in the wall. Is there a water filled radiator under the window. Can I see where the pipes are running to and from it. You should have a reasonable Idea afterwards.

When it comes to how to hang curtain rods I have some tips on the kind of tools I personally use for installing window treatments. So you will know how to hang curtains with as little fuss as possible.

Just follow these quick steps on how to hang curtain rods for perfect looking window treatments. This guide is for hanging pinch pleat curtains and pencil pleat curtains from rings under the rod. For tab top drapes doing everthing the same but ignore the curtain rod rings.

I have put a quick guide to hang curtain rods for hanging grommet drapes and rod pocket drapes lower down. Go straight to the hanging drapes like these here.

Guide to how to hang curtain rods perfectly for pleated drapes

1. The curtain rod brackets and the best place to fit them over your window. Assuming there is enough room over and both sides of your window. You need the top of the curtain brackets to fix to the wall 5 to 6 inches over the top of your window. The reason you do this is so when you hang your curtains from curtain rod rings the top of the curtains are above the top of the window.

As well as being 5 to 6 inches over the top of your window. The curtain rod brackets should be fitted 4 to 5 inches out from each side of your window. This will allow your curtains to pull back mostly off your window during the day. A little tip is that the wider the window, the more you need to go out on each side with your curtain rod bracket. This will allow for more curtain fabric on wider windows.

You can use a spirit level or lazer level to check if the brackets are level with each other. A little tip is that if the top of your window is not quite level. Then it can make a truly level curtain rod look like it slopes. So you may want to fit one bracket a touch down so the rod looks level with the top of your window. Obviously there is a limit when you hang curtain rods to how far you can slope your curtain rod before it looks really unlevel to the eye.

Discover how to securely fix your curtain rod brackets to the wall ?

How you fix your curtain rod brackets to the wall will be decided by what the wall is made of. Such as brick, timber or sheetrock. There are different wall fixings for each of these kind of walls.

Brick wall use 2 inch steel screws and wall anchors Timber wall use 1 1/2 inch steel wood screws Sheetrock wall use special wall anchors and screws

2. The curtain rod needs to be long enough to sit in the curtain rod brackets on both sides of your window. Then also to pass the curtain brackets about a further 2 inches on both sides of the window. This will allow a curtain rod ring to hang from the 2 inch over hanging rod. This will act as a curtain stop on the outside edges. The rest of your curtain rings hang on the curtain rod between the brackets.

If you are using an expandable decorative curtain rod. Then I recommend you use a curtain rod bracket over the middle of your window. Then cut the rod so they overlap in the center. If you don't the curtain rod rings will catch on the rod overlap and get stuck. Making it hard to close your curtains without a struggle.

3.The curtain rod finials These are the fancy ends on your curtain rod. These can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will either fit over the ends of your curtain rod and have a small screw to fix to the end of the rod. Another way when it comes to how to hang curtain rods are these curtain rod finials. They fit by sliding in the inside of the rod ends. Usually a tight fit to hold then in place.

So between the curtain rod bracket and the curtain rod finial. The last curtain rod ring is locked in place on each end of your curtain rod. This means that when your curtains are hanging from under the rod. The outside edges of your curtains will be held in place when you open and close your curtains. That's how to hang curtain rods using curtain styles such as pinch pleat drapes.

Guide to how to hang curtain rods for grommet drapes and rod pocket drapes

1. These curtain styles hang from the curtain rod in a different way from pinch pleated draperies. The top of these curtains sits over the top of the curtain rod. This means you don't have to fit the rod as high over your window. Fitting the top of the curtain rod brackets at 3 to 4 inches over the top of your window will be just fine.

If you are hanging rod pocket drapes with a decorative ruffle on top of the pocket. Then the above height is right to work with as well.

2. The curtain rod brackets should be fitted 5 to 6 inches out past each side of your window. This will allow the curtains to pull back of your window when opened during the day.

The curtain rod should sit in the brackets on each side of your window. The ends of the curtain rod should go past the bracket on each side of the curtain brackets by 1 inch. This is just enough to attach the curtain rod finials.

4. The curtain rod finials These are the fancy ends on your decorative curtain rod and act as end stops when hanging grommet drapes. The last grommet on the outside edge of each curtain hangs between the bracket and the finial locking the curtain in place. That's how to hang curtains using curtain rod rings such as grommet drapes.

I hope these guides have helped to show you how to hang curtain rods correctly, I also recommend you have look over the "how to hang curtains" page to get the full picture.

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