Discover How To Hand Sew Curtains

Firstly don't worry about how to hand sew curtains. Anyone can learn...and I do mean anyone to sew curtains by hand using a needle and thread.

As you will see just below on this page. There are only three kinds of sewing stitches you need to use when following any of the custom made window treatment guides on this website.

There is one thing you need to get your head around before you start making drapes using hand sewing....

That is it's going to take you at least a couple of days to make a resonable size pair of curtains (longer if you to keep stopping for other things).

It is time consuming work hand sewing curtains.

There really are no short cuts...,

but the GOOD NEWS is that the more you practice how to hand sew curtains by hand, the quicker you get!

Also remember you will likely have these curtains decorating your windows for many years to come.

You also end up with truly beautiful professional looking designer window treatments. These will look like you paid $1,000's to have them made by an interior designer.

I'm certain your family, friends and neighbors will be shocked (in a good way) when they find out you made them yourself.

However I can't repeat this enough...DO NOT rush your curtain making project and make a mess of it.

If you're not satisfied with your first or second attempt at stitching your curtain seam. Then unpick it and start again...remember it's not a race.

Sewing Stitches Videos

I'm sure you have heard the saying a picture speaks a 1,000 words.

Well a "How To Video" speaks 10,000 words.

It really is the only real way to show you properly how each of these sewing stitches are used to hand sew curtains. So take a few minutes to watch each one and refer back to them when you start making drapes for yourself.

(Quick Tip: Click each of the 3 videos below to start and immedietely press the pause button. This will allow the videos to load properly. Then go back to the first one and click to restart and watch.)

The Only 3 Sewing Stitches You Will Need
When Making Drapes!

How To Sew Curtains Using A Slip Stitch

The Slip stitch is used for sewing the curtain hems and the curtain side seams. This stitch is almost invisible to the front of your curtain panel. So gives a smooth finish showing no sew lines. All quality custom made window treatments are made this way.

How To Sew Curtains Using A Back Stitch

The Back stitch is used to sew two widths of fabric together. For instance when you need to make wide curtains where one width of fabric is not wide enough. This creates a very strong stitch like using a sewing machine.

How To Sew Curtains Using A Slant Hemming Stitch

The Slant hemming stitch can be used when learning how to hand sew curtains with linings. This still creates an almost invisible stich to the front of your curtain panel. However to the back of your curtain panel along the hem the stitches can be clearly seen.

This does not matter to us as the stitched hem is covered by the curtain lining fabric. The reason we use this sewing stitch with lined drapes is that it is a lot quicker to do than the slip stitch but not as neat to the back of your curtain.

I hope you found these "How To Hand Sew Curtains" videos useful, you should also take a look over at the "how sewing machines work" page and i hope they inspire you to get started making curtains for yourself soon.

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