How sewing Machines Work

It is very difficult when it comes to describing in writing how sewing machines work. So The best way for me to do it was to do this short video guide just below.

I find that watching someone do what you want to do yourself is always the best way of learning something new. I'm always checking out videos on youtube when I have a new job to do around my home.

It might seem a little complicated the first time you watch this video showing how these work but trust me it will all become second nature after you have used your sewing machine a few times.

Modern sewing machines are very reliable and can be used mostly trouble free. The trick is to learn how to set them up and use them properly in the beginning. So as well as discovering how sewing machines work you will also need to do regular basic sewing machine maintenance.

How a sewing machine works video

Every step shown in this video plays a part in making your sewing machine operate properly. Miss even the smallest thing and it will simply not stitch your fabric as you want.

A little tip for successful sewing is to watch this video several times. This will help you become familiar with all the main parts of a sewing machine. Using a sewing machine will become a very simple process to you after a few trys. You are just repeating the same steps every time you sew your fabric.

Your sewing machine will probably have several controls and switches for operating different functions. You can ignore all of these except for the ones you will see in the "how to guide". In the easy sewing projects you will find on this website you won't need to use these extra controls.

So when it comes to sewing curtains if you want trouble free sewing. Then learn how these machines work to set your machine up correctly at the start. Also use a good quality thread.

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