Hanging Valances The Easy Way

Easiest way ever of hanging valances you have ever seen. So simple anyone do it with just a few basic tools.

No special valance rods needed to hang a top treatment over any window that has a window trim surround.

Just follow the easy step by step guide below with window treatment pictures to help you follow how I do it.

This one is fitted over a window treatments roman shade.

However you could fit one of these over a pair of curtains or just use it on its own to dress the top of your window.

So go and check it out just below and I hope you agree that it is a great idea for supporting any kind of top treatment over your windows.

When it comes to hanging window valances it does not get simpler than seeing how to hang a valance without curtain rod hardware.

So you won't need to know how to hang curtain rods to fit perfect valance window treatments like this one below.

So for window valance ideas like these you don't need any great skills or special tools to do the job.

This way of hanging window toppers only works on windows like these here to the right. That is where the window surround stands a little proud of the surrounding wall

If your window sits back in a recess or is flush with the wall. Then you can sit fit this way but with some low cost extras to make it happen. There is more about that lower down on this page.

So for now just follow this simple guide for ideas for interesting window treatments to grace any home.

1. The first step is to buy a simple piece of plained timber measuring 4 inches wide by 1 inch deep. You will need it to be the width of the window surround

The next step is to pre-drill some small holes along one edge of your, what we will now call your "valance board". These holes need to be drilled slightly off upright.

So if you have your valance board in front of you. You need to drill a hole about one inch off the furthest edge. While sloping the drill back towards you at an angle.

On this width of timber I drilled 5 holes evenly spaced across the board.

2.The next step is to staple a one inch strip of velcro tape long the narrow edge of the board. also around the ends of the valance board as well.

I personally use the adhesive velcro tape as it sticks where you want it before you start to apply the staples. You could use the regular tape if you want.

Nearly forgot to say it's the hook side of the velcro tape that gets stapled to the board. That the side that feels rough to the touch.

Next I pre fixed some 1 1/2 inch screws in to the pre-drilled holes. Just enough that they did not come out of the other side of the board.

Now we are ready to install our curtain hardware over the window.

3. Now simply lay the valance board on to the top of you window surround and line it up on both sides. Ready for fixing in to place using the screws you have already pre fitted.

You may want to use a power driver for the next step. Simply drive the screws down in to the top of the window surround.

Now because you have put the screws in at an angle they will drive down but also backwards. This will anchor the board to the top of the window surround.

Really you are fixing to the timber frame that sits behind the window surround. This means you won't damage the decorative window trim.

4. You can see here in the picture to the left one of the screws I have driven right in to the top board fixing it firmly in to place. Repeat this for all other screws.

You can also see the velcro tape on the leading edge of the board ready for your hanging valances from. You must be wondering how this will work ?

If you don't have a window surround that stands proud of the wall. Then you can still use this kind of valance board. You will just need to use some small shelf brackets fitted to the wall just over the window to support it.

5. Well here we are with the magic ingredient "velcro friendly curtain pleating tape". This looks like any other kind of regular pencil pleat curtain tape.

There is one big difference if you look closely to the tape. Have you spotted it yet ?

The big difference is it does not have pockets to fit curtain hooks with. Where the hook pockets usually are is special pads that act like the soft (loop) side of the velcro tape.

So once you have pulled the cords on the pleating tape to gather your window valance to the required width. Allowing extra for the ends of the valance board.

You can now just push this velcro friendly curtain valance tape up to the hard (hook) velcro tape on the edge of your valance board. It will stick like magic.

As they say in TV land, here's one I prepared earlier :-)

You will need to pull off and push back to level off when hanging valances this way. Then dress the pleats in to place to get it looking presentable.

On this valance style the pleating tape was sewn on 1 1/2 inches down from the top edge of the valance. This creates a lovely little ruffle on the top of the pleating tape.

You could just sew it on right at the top as with most curtains if you want for a simplest look. It really is just down to personal preference. There you have it one simple way of hanging valances over any window.

This valance is fitted over a roman shade, however when it come to hanging valances like this you could fit it over a pair of curtains. You would probably need to use a 5 inch wide board to allow the curtains to hang freely under the valance.

After reading this article on hanging valances, I also recommend you take a look at the "how to hang curtains" page for more info on installing your own window treatments.

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