Hanging one panel on each side of white wood blinds


Just purchased a condo. The living room has a triple window with white wooden venetian blinds. I found curtains and a matching valance which would match the carpets and furniture. Can I hang one panel on each side of the window and the valance or would it not look right.

Thanks so much.

Pat Waters

Hi Pat

In theory that sound just fine to do. However I am a little concerned with the width of the curtains and the valance. You don't say how wide these are.

I think you just want to dress the windows with the curtains and valance. Not to open and close them. If I have got the wrong end of the stick, just let me know.

I think what you are saying with your three windows. Is that there is not enough space between them to treat them separately. I have had this problem in the past. Trying to treat them individually would make them look to crowded and cluttered.I agree that to treat these three windows as one wide window is the right way to go.

You have three windows with wood venetian blinds all side by side. So the width across all three windows must be reasonably wide.

When it comes to curtain panels if you were fitting working ones. You would want each panel to be the full width across all three windows. This allows for your curtains to have enough gather when hung.

In your case you won't need so much width. You could probably get away with each panel being a minimum off half the width of the three windows. This should allow the curtains to look full enough. Nothing worse on wide windows having skimpy bits of fabric hanging down the sides.

So the rule of thumb is the wider the window. The wider your dress curtain panels need to be to keep it all looking in proportion.

The other thing and just as important if not more so. Is the width of the valance before it has been gathered. If it is a gathered valance. The kind that has either a tape on the back with cords that you pull from one end to create the pleats. Or it has a pocket for a rod and you feed the valance on to the rod gathering the fabric as you go.

With these types of curtain valances. You need around three times the width of your windows. Window valances have more gather in them than curtain panels. If they have a lot less than three times the window width. Then they again start to look skimpy and badly hung.

So if you think the curtain panels are going to be ok. However the valance is not wide enough. You could see if you could just buy another valance in the same fabric. Assuming they don't come as complete sets.

I have hung two valances side by side before now to get the amount of gather I wanted. Where the valances meet I just tuck the ends back in towards the window. With the valance having lots of gather in the fabric you really can't see where they meet.

Finally to answer you question about the overall look of this arrangement of curtains and valance over blinds. I personally think it works well. I do it at home myself. I tend to just use the blinds for privacy and light control. The curtains are just there to soften the look of the room. It can sometimes look a little stark in living rooms and bedrooms without any fabric.

In my kitchen I prefer to just have my own white wood Venetians without curtains.

I hope that helps clear a few things up and lets you get on with this little project. If I have misunderstood something or you have a further query. Then please just ask me again, you can do this by just adding a comment to this page.

All the best


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