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Question: How much weight will your curved curtain rod applied directly to the ceiling take ? My rod will be about 134 inches long. It is not for a decorator space.

Thank you

Answer Hi Whoever you are ?,

I was in two minds whether to answer this question. I don't know why you would not enter your first name and general location ?

However I decided to give you an answer for two reasons. The first being you must just be very shy :-)

The second reason is that you have asked a very good question. One that not many people consider when choosing window curtain hardware.

The curtain rod (track) I use here in the UK will hold very heavy curtains. I don't know how much weight in pounds exactly.

What I can tell you is that I have hung curtains that were made from a heavy damask fabric. These curtains have also been made with an interlining and then finished with a blackout lining. These curtains were also more than 192 inches wide and 120 inches long.

What people don't consider on many occasions when choosing a curtain rod is what it is going to fix to. In your case the ceiling. Securing a curtain rod to a ceiling can cause problems when hanging heavy curtains.

Often ceilings are dry lined and need special fixings. It certainly is not like fixing to a solid brick wall. So to start with use the correct dry lining fixings.

The second and equally important factor to consider is the number of curtain rod brackets you use. When I fit a curtain rod to a ceiling I use a lot more brackets than if fixing to a solid wall.

That means the curtain rod brackets are closer together. This has the benefit of distributing the weight of the curtains over more ceiling fixings. This means means each bracket has less load to carry.

Another important thing I do when installing a curtain rod for heavy curtains or for ceiling fixed rods. That is to fit several brackets closer together at each end of the curtain rod. This because when you curtains are hanging in the open position on each side of your window. The curtain weight is supported by these end brackets. Whereas when your curtains are closed together. The curtain weight is carried equally over all the curtain rod brackets.

One final point is that people have often said to me when discussing the problem of ceiling fitted curtain rods. Just find out where the timber joists are and fix directly to these.

In a perfect world this would be the case. However in 20 years of hanging curtain rods. The timber joists are mostly never in the places you need them to be. You may be lucky and hit one or two while fixing your brackets which is a bonus.

Your curtain rod needs to fit to the ceiling so your curtains end up hanging where they need to. In most cases that is just in front of the window.

There is a company that supplies a great curtain hanging system for curved and bay windows. They have advice and window treatment photos with instructions showing these curtain tracks in action.

To quote this company "Unlike most of the curtain tracks out on the market which are made of either brittle plastic or painted metal, the flextrack is constructed out of steel and resin composite material. An I beam configuration with embedded metal spine gives the track the ability to hold substantial vertical loads while also bending horizontally to any curve."

Discover what it would cost to get a flexible, bendable curtain track kit to fit your window properly.

Click here to see photos of this Curtain hanging system (top of the page).

All the best


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