Hanging curtains near the ceiling

by wayne

Over long curtains

Over long curtains


I have quite high ceilings in my flat and wasn't sure if it would look good to install the iron rod near the ceiling. Rather than just above the window. Then hang the tabbed curtains from the rod but all the way to the floor.


Hi Wayne

When it comes to fitting a curtain rod. I think it looks best to fit it roughly 5 to 6 inches over the top of your window.

On occasion I have fitted a curtain rod half way between the ceiling and the top of a window. Even if this made it a few inches higher over the window than normal.

By the sounds of it your tab top curtains will drape on to the floor at this length. If so you have a couple of options. The first being to use a needle and thread and create a new curtain hem. The other is to use hemming tape and a steam iron. This is the kind of stuff you use for hems on trousers and skirts.

Another option could be to let your curtains drape on to the floor. Then dress the curtains back into curtain tie backs. See the picture above to see what I mean. I think it makes for a great looking window treatment. However it is not to everyones taste.

The only time I say that fixing the curtain hardware at ceiling height looks ok. Is when you are using a curtain track rather than a curtain rod. These can be fixed to the ceiling and look really neat.

The only other problem you would have using a track rather than a rod is your curtain heading style. The tabs would not work with a curtain rod. You would need curtains that have a pleated heading. The kind of heading that uses curtain hooks to hang them with.

After saying all that, you can fit your curtain rod wherever you want. However it will start to look odder the higher it goes above that halfway mark.

I hope that helps you decide which way is best for you.



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