Grommet panel for sliding glass patio door

by Laura
(New Jersey)

I would like to cover a sliding patio door (handle on the right side) with a wide insulated grommet topped panel that can be opened one way.

I purchased four ready made panels and would like to sew them together to make one large panel to fit the door.

Will the panel maintain the pleats each time the drape is opened and closed one way or will the pleats need to be adjusted every time they are moved?

Hi Laura

Your question really has two parts, the first being. Can you create one very wide grommet panel by sewing four panels together.

Yes you can and they should work fairly well at keeping their pleats. As the grommets force the fabric to fall where it should.

The other part of the question is relating to the curtain hardware. As in the curtain rod you will hang the new wide curtain panel from.

You will need a curtain rod that is long enough to fit over your patio window in one piece. With enough extra each side. Usually about 5 or 6 inches past the window on each side. So if the patio door is 78 inches wide. Then you would need a curtain rod that is 88 inches wide.

The reason you will need a single rod and not one that comes in two halves and joins in the middle. Or the kind of rod that slides to expand to the right width. These kinds of curtain rods will not work. They both need to use a bracket at the center to support the rod.

This center bracket then prevents the grommet panel from moving all the way across the rod. Even if you hang a very light curtain and use an expanding rod. It is very likely to bend under the weight. As where the rods overlap this is a weak point and needs to be supported.

So what can you do about this common problem. The only real answer is to buy from a specialist curtain rod supplier. You can get extra long curtain rods to fit most windows. The only problem is that it will cost a fair bit more than a regular rod. A good place to have a look at styles and costs is over at Continental Window Fashions

The only other option you may be able to try. Is to look down at your local plumbing supplies merchant. They often have piping in finishes that may suit you. Also at lengths you will need.

Before you buy any rod, you need to consider will it hold the weight of my curtains. considering that you will only have a bracket on each end to support it. Also The size of rod needs to be not much more than half the width of the grommet opening. Otherwise it will cause problems with the curtain moving along the rod. Find out more details on this and other stuff regarding grommet drapes here.

I hope this helps you decide on what to do.

All the best,


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