Why Choose Grommet Drapes ?

Why choose Grommet drapes for your next window treatment project. Take a look here to find out why I seriously recommend this kind of drapes design.

Why choose Grommet curtains for your next window treatment project. Take a look here to find out why I recommend these kind of drapes design. There are several really good reasons you would want to be hanging drapes like these. Also avoid some not so obvious problems. To discover what they are keep on reading.

To start with they are a really modern window treatment style, so if you want a contemporary window treatments then I would recommend buying curtain styles like this.

They are also very simple window treatments to hang. The grommets (holes) along the top of the curtain panel force the curtain to fall into its pleats naturally with little effort. That is obviously once you have the curtains hanging from your decorative curtain rod.

How To Hang  Grommet Drapes The Easy Curtains Way

To start with I fix the curtain rod brackets to the wall over the window. Usually 5 inches over the top of the window and about 4 or 5 inches out from both sides.

This allows the curtain to pull back off the window when the curtains are opened. The reason I recommend hanging drapes of this style at this height over your window is because it stops you seeing the top of the window through the grommets when they are closed over the window.

It still amazes me how often people hang them too low over their windows. It just looks terrible trust me.

When it comes to hanging these curtains, the way I do it is to fix the decorative end finial on one end of the curtain rod. Then thread the decorative curtain rod through all the grommets (holes) on both curtains (if hanging a pair of curtains), as in the picture to the left. I do this at ground level.

Next job to be done is fixing the second decorative end finial to the other end of your rod. Then using step ladders I put the curtain rod in to the curtain rod brackets fixed over your window.

You just need to make sure the curtain rod between the last two grommets drops down in to the curtain rod bracket on both sides of your window. This will lock your curtains in place at each end of the rod.

Watch this video here to see how easy it is to hang grommet drapes

Finally to finish of dress the folds into your curtains starting at the top of each pleat and work down. I know I said earlier that this curtain style falls naturally in to its pleats.

However when just hung you will need to give them a helping hand.

Then once all the pleats are hanging neatly. Use strips of scrap fabric as bands that you can tie around the curtains top middle and bottom to hold the pleats in place for a few days.

The trick is to tie the bands tight enough to hold the pleats in place. But not so tight though that they crush the curtain fabric.

Don't Get Caught Out When Hanging Drapes By This Grommet Panel Problem

One thing many people forget when they buy these modern drapes is the size of the grommets. As a rule of thumb your your curtain rod should not be more than about half the size of the hole in the grommet.

I bet your wondering why that is. Well if it's much bigger then when you try and close your grommet curtains they will stick on the rod.

(If you are only using them to dress your window.Then forget everything I just said :-)

When I say stick I don't mean like glue, what I mean is that the grommet turns at an angle to the rod and start to act like a brake. I know it may seem a bit odd that this happens but trust me it's true.

The window treatment picture to the left is a classic example of this situation. So if you have curtains with a 40mm (1 3/4 inch) hole then don't use a curtain rod more than 25mm (1 inch) thick at the most.

Most of the ready made grommet curtains come made with the smaller 40mm (1 3/4 inch) grommet holes. So this limits the thickness of the curtain rod you can use.

If you want to use a thicker curtain rod then you will need to have your grommet drapes made to order with larger grommet rings. The largest size the rings go up to is 66mm (2 3/4 inches).

How To Measure For Grommet Drapes

If you are buying custom made window treatments then I strongly advise that you fit your window curtain hardware as in your decorative curtain rods before you buy your grommet drapes. This way you will know exactly the right width and length sizes you will need. You will also measure the rod width and not the window width.

Also don't forget that the curtain length is measured from the top of the curtain panel down to the bottom of the curtain hem. I know it sounds obvious but so many people then go on and forget that the curtain rod sits around 1 inch lower down from the top in the grommets.

So when you measure from the top edge of your decorative curtain rod down to where you want your grommet drapes to finish. don't forget to add 1 inch to this measurement to allow for above the grommet. This is also called an upstand in the curtain trade.

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