My Tips For French Door Window Treatments

Discover the best window treatments ideas for French door window treatments right here.

You will find some really useful tips and advice that will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when hanging drapes on this style of window.

You will end up with designer window treatments that work perfectly on this kind of window.

The first and most important thing to realise is how your French doors open and close, and why this is so important.

There are two styles of French doors. The first style open inwards and the second style open outwards. I know stating the blinking obvious I hear you say, but read on and see why it matters so much.

Some important things to think about before you rush out and buy or make your new window treatments. Which way do YOUR doors open ?

Tips for outward opening window treatments for French doors

You will almost certainly need to use curtain tiebacks or curtain holdbacks. The reason being is that you will find when the doors are open in the summer and you get a breeze.

You will find that your new curtains will end up getting sucked out the door and flapping in the wind like supermans cape.

Not what you want with your nice new French door curtain.

Well that's it a nice short list on this style of outward opening French door window treatments. Beware though there's a lot more important stuff on the next list lower down.

Tips for inward opening French windows

You won't need to worry so much about curtain tiebacks on this style of window. As the French doors opening inwards will hold your curtains back. You can still use them for dressing your curtains into place, purely decorative.

Would you like a fabric covered cornice to top off your french door window treatments?

The other biggy thing to think about is the top treatment such as window treatments valences or window treatment cornice. So many people forget about the doors opening inwards (like this window treatment picture on the right). This because of the juliette balcony outside the doors which prevents them from opening outwards.

Then they find with a hard cornice window treatment that they can't open the doors as they bump in to the top window treatments. The same thing with valance window treatments, albeit you can open the door by pushing the fabric. The only problem is it will get either stuck in the French door or get very dirty very quickly.

So the answer is obvious.... fit your window curtain hardware higher so the top treatment clears the doors opening inwards. The only thing you will find is that it can start to look a bit odd. Your window treatment valance or cornice window treatments needs to sit at a certain height to frame your window properly.

Go much higher then you end up with what we call in the trade as "A complete dogs dinner" a really odd looking window treatment design.

Plus if you are going to use ready made drapes rather than custom curtains. Then you may find the floor length curtains don't make it all the way down to the floor. Sort of like half mast trousers, definitely not a well dressed window.

1. Have your French door window treatments custom made. Then you won't have the curtain length problem as you can order long curtains.

As to the window topper looking too high. That is purely a window treatment design issue, do you think it will look right.

If unsure what I do is it test before committing by using a paper template or cardboard template. Cut it out of old newspaper or wallpaper. To the same depth of your to be valence window treatments or cornice window treatments.

Then stick it over your window at the right height for the doors. Then step back and take a look, well if it looks right then great. If not then what do you do, well that's option two.

2. Forget a top treatment and go for curtains hanging from a decorative curtain rod. Pick a good one and it can really set your window off. such as a wooden curtain rod like this window treatment picture above, double curtain rods, kirsch curtain rods, wrought iron curtain rods, brass curtain rods, stainless steel curtain rods. The list of window curtain hardware you can use is truly endless.

How about window treatments roman shades

What about installing roman shades window treatment over your French doors, just like in the window treatment picture here.

The roman shades either side drop down to the window sills. The one over the doors in the middle drop down to just clear of the floor. These can work really well if you have the height.

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