Which Drapery Pins or Hooks ?

Discover what kind of drapery pins or curtain hooks you should be using to hang your chosen curtains with. Each curtain header style has its own style of hook. Let me show you how each one works and how to use them for perfect hanging drapes.

Even though there are many different styles of curtain hooks and pin hooks out there to choose from.

I personally just stick to using 2 kinds myself. Why make life any harder than it needs to be :-)

The first style I use are pin hooks just like these here on the right. I use these with mostly buckram headed curtains and drapes. That is the kind of curtain with a stiffener sewn in to the heading. Usually pinch pleat curtains and goblet pleat headings.

The great thing with these drapery pins is that you can insert then at any height you like. So long as the pin pierces the buckram stiffener and can't be seen over the top of the curtain heading.

I insert the pin just slightly to one side of where the back of the pleat is sewn together. Don't push the pin in to the sew line at the back of the pleat. You will end up un-picking the stitching.

Another thing you need to keep an eye on is for the pin hook coming through to the front of the curtain. Depending on the curtain fabric you are using. it can be a little tricky and require a bit of practice to get just right.

If you plan on hanging your pinch pleat curtains from under rings on a decorative curtain rod. Then the top of the hook needs to be set down a 1/4 inch from the top of your curtain. This hides the little wire eyelet your hooks goes in to on your curtain rod ring.

These curtain hooks can be used to hang curtains using almost any kind of gathered curtain heading tape. Such as 1", 3" 5" & 6" pencil pleating curtain tapes. This is the kind of curtain heading that has several cords woven in and out of the heading tape. These cords are tied of at one end, then they pulled out at the opposite end. This caused the header to pleat usually in to the neat upright pleats.

The curtain hooks are inserted in to little pockets on the back of the curtain heading tape. There are from 3 hook pockets to 6 hook pockets on the height of the tape. depending on the depth of the tape used. The only exception is for the 1" tape, as this has only one pocket to choose from.

The reason how being able to move the hook up or down a pocket. Is to raise or lower how high the top the curtain hangs. This is because curtains hanging from rings under a decorative curtain rod use a higher pocket. As the curtains usually hang under the rings.

Then curtains hanging from a curtain track hang so that when closed the top of the curtain covers the track so it can't be seen. So the hooks have to use a lower hook pocket. Usually one around the middle of the heading tape. Like these on the right.

Then we have 4 prong drapery hooks that are used to create the curtain pleats and are used to hang the curtain with. You will need to have a curtain panel with the correct kind of curtain heading tape already sewn on to the top to use these hooks. Take a look at this video just below to get an ideas of how they work.

Note though with these hooks there is not as much height adjustment. So your curtain rod or track needs to be installed at just the right length for your curtain length.

After discovering a little more about drapery pins, what about learning more about how to hang curtains.

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