Why Bother With Drapery Lining Fabric?

Have you chosen the wrong drapery lining fabric before, or not even used it ?

Has this made your curtains hang badly, or allowed too much light in. Maybe you want your room to be warmer/cooler. Then choosing the right drapery lining will give you the answers to poorly performing curtains. Discover how easy it to choose the right kind of lining fabric

So what kind of choices do you have when it comes to drapery lining ?

Here is a list of the major drapery lining fabrics available. These should cover 99% of your curtain needs.

1. Regular cotton sateen curtain lining.

2. Black out curtain lining.

3. Thermal curtain lining.

4. Bump curtain interlining

5. Bonded curtain interlining

So you may be wondering what all these different drapery lining fabrics do. One or two are fairly obvious, the other maybe less so. So I will give you a brief description for each one in the list just below.

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Regular cotton sateen curtain lining fabric This is usually the lining used in most made to order curtains. It is there purely to add some protection to the curtains from the damage of the sun. It also help top make your curtains look and hang better. Giving lighter curtain fabrics more body and weight.

Black out curtain lining fabric This as the name implies is used to protect your curtains from the sun. Also to stop light from penetrating the curtain fabric. So making your room so much darker. Don't misunderstand though it won't block all light. You will still have some light leakage from around the edges of the curtains. Just not through the curtain panels.

Thermal curtain lining fabric As the name implies this kind of curtain lining is used to control the room temperature. So when your curtains are closed over your window. It will make the room a little warmer or cooler depending on the temperature outside. It will also darken your room but is not as good as using a black out curtain lining.

Bump curtain interlining fabric This is an extra curtain lining fabric that would be used to add body and weight to curtains. This is especially good when making curtains from light fabrics such as silk. This bump lining fabric lies between the main curtain fabric and either a regular cotton sateen lining or a black out lining. So the Bump interlining is not seen once the curtain is made up and hanging.

Bonded curtain lining fabric This is a combination of a regular cotton sateen curtain lining or a black out curtain lining and a bump interlining fabric. The term bonded comes from the fact that these two linings are bonded together rather than hanging separately. This is a fairly modern way of making an interlined curtain panel. It cuts down on the time spent on the curtain make up. Less fabrics to cut and sew. I really like to use this one when a curtain need to be interlined either to give it body and weight or to give it better thermal qualities.

Why not have a look at one of the easy curtain making projects on this site. They all come with easy step by step guides showing you exactly what to do. Even someone with little or no prior knowledge can make beautiful curtains for there own home. Saving themselves a lot of money and discovering a new hobby that will last a life time and give many hours of enjoyment.

Now you know a little more about drapery lining fabrics, but what do you know about curtain fabrics ?

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