Double Curtain Design Ideas

Bay window curtain track with decorative curtain rod

Bay window curtain track with decorative curtain rod

Bay window curtain track with decorative curtain rod
Bay window treatment hardware installed
Double layered curtain ideas
Double curtain design ideas

If you are looking to add a different look to your window treatments. Then using double curtain design ideas like these above are an interesting but simple curtain idea.

The reason this works is because I used the right kind of window curtain hardware.

Firstly a bay window curtain track. this allows for hanging one pair of working curtains that cover the whole window.

Secondly I installed the decorative curtain rod with extendable curtain rod brackets like the ones in the image just here.

These allow the decorative curtain rod to hand far enough in front of the curtain track behind it. So allowing both pairs of curtains. The working back curtains and the dress front curtains to hang together and still work properly.

I really think this is a great way to dress a window to make it look special. These curtains were made using a thick interlining to give body to the light silk fabric. Otherwise they would not have looked so luxurious.

They also been made with a 5 inch deep pleating curtain heading tape. This works really well with floor length curtains.

The image above shows how the deep pleating tape looks from the back of the curtain. You can adjust the width of your curtain by having looser or tighter pleats.

The tape also has several rows of woven pockets for inserting the curtain hooks for hanging. you would use metal or plastic curtain hooks as in the image here.

In the image above you can see how I have pulled the cords out of the curtain header tape. Making sure they are knotted at the other end of the curtain tape first.

I then tie knots in the ends of the cords. Then hook them on to either a piece of window funiture as in the picture above. Or I wrap them over a door handle.

This then allows me to hold the curtain header with one hand. Then use my other hand to push the curtain heaer to create the pleats. Then finally I wind the surplus cords around my fingers and tie with a slip knot. This allows me to quickly untie the cords should I need to adjust the width of the curtain panel.

Bundling the cords also keeps them neat and tidy and prevents the pleats from working loose when moving the curtain.

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