Buying The Right Discount Curtain Rods

There are plenty of discount curtain rods that will do the job you need and look great as well.

Not all curtain rods are created beware!

So what I really mean is, choose the right curtain rod to do the job you need it to do and not just because it looks good.

There are many window treatment styles you can choose from, and knowing how to hang curtains so they look good and work well is not always so obvious.

So I have put a few tips below with each one showing you which window treatments ideas I believe work best with these discount curtain rods.

Choosing the right curtain rod brackets

Discover what the major difference is between curtain rod brackets and why it matters so much. You are probably thinking that they all do pretty much the same job...right?

That is doing a great job of holding up the rod, pole or curtain track over your window.

That bit is true, however it does not tell the full story. These little bits of window curtain hardware perform the same basic function. How they go about doing that job can be very, very different.

Wooden Curtain Rods

Wood curtain rods work well with pinch pleat curtains when used with curtain rod rings. Also I try to use them when hanging scarf window treatments and swag window treatments.

The reason for that is I can use either a staple gun or thumb tacks to hold these kind of fabric window treatment ideas in place at the back of the wooden curtain rod.

Doing this stops these valance window treatments from slipping on the curtain rod. If you have ever used a metal curtain rod to hang a scarf swag then you know how frustrating it can be when it won't stay still on the rod while you try to dress it nicely.

You can with caution also use these discount curtain rods to hang grommet drapes, tab drapes and rod pocket drapes. What you need to make sure is that the wood rod is slim enough to fit the grommet holes, tabs and pocket. Ideally the rod should be half the width.

You can find a huge choice of wooden curtain rods and discount curtain rods here.

Curved Curtain Rods

Obviously you will need curved curtain rods if you are going to hang a bay window treatment of some kind. That is if you want to hang just a pair of curtains on one curtain rod. You can then close the curtains all the way round the bay.

The only other option is to try and fit short curtain rods on each window in your bay. With this option you will need curtain panels for each rod. So you end up with a busy looking window treatment.

So for simpler less fussy bay window treatment ideas you will need to install flexible curtain rods that will bend to fit the curves or bends of your bay window shapes.

You can't hang grommet drapes, tab drapes or rod pocket drapes from this style of curtain rod. You will need to use curtains that hang with curtain hooks, such as pinch pleat curtains.

These are not as complicated as you might think. To see how I have fitted these kind of discount curtain rods in bay windows take a look at the curved curtain rods page here.

Extra Long Curtain Rods

Do you have a very wide window and need an extra long curtain rod to hang curtains from ? The choices you have thins out quite a bit the longer the rod gets. So it can get difficult to find exactly the kind of discount curtain rods your looking for

Another big factor with using regular extra long curtain rods is the width between the curtain rod brackets. Even long decorative curtain rods still only have three curtain rod brackets. One either side and one in the center. So often you will find that if your curtains are medium to heavy weight. then the curtain rods are likely to sag under the weight.

So what's the answer to this window treatment hardware problem ? The answer is to use one of these discount curtain rods just here. All of these long curtain rods have more curtain rod brackets than the usual three. The curtain rod design allows for extra brackets. This distributes the weight over a shorter distance helping to eliminate the sagging problem.

If you want more info on these extra long discount curtain rods then just click on images.

You can't hang grommet drapes and tab drapes or rod pocket drapes from the rod on any of these discount curtain rods just above. You are going to need to use curtains that hang with curtain hooks.

Traverse Curtain Rods

The easy window treatments guide to installing your traverse curtain rod. At first they can seem so complicated and fiddly to sort out.

I guarantee that once you have used one for a while you will love them. They may not be pretty but they just work so well. You can always cover the traverse rod with valance window treatments.

These are flexible curtain rods in the sense that they expand to fit wider windows.So you won't have to cut the curtain rod to size. Also they have the benefit of cord controls to open and close your curtains with.

Why not take a look at the video on how to install and adjust traverse curtains rods here.

You can't hang grommet drapes and tab drapes or rod pocket drapes from these discount curtain rods. You are going to need to use curtains that hang with curtain hooks.

Double Curtain Rods

Double rods have longer brackets that hold 2 curtain rods, one in front of the other. This is to allow you to hang sheer curtains from the back curtain rod. Then the main fabric curtains from the front curtain rod.

You can either use rod pocket curtains or tab top curtains. With these curtain styles you simply thread the rod through the top of the curtain panels to hang. Another option you have is to to hang your curtains from the back rod. Then hang valance window treatment from the front rod. this leaves plenty of room for your curtains to open and close behind.

If you use a wooden double curtain rod. then you can hang a scarf window treatment or swag window treatment from the front rod (read the info on wooden curtain rods to find out why it has to be wood).

Good news you can hang grommet drapes and tab drapes or rod pocket drapes from these double curtain rods. You can also hang curtains that need to use curtain hooks such as pinch pleat curtains. however you will need to add curtain rod rings.

Cafe Curtain Rods

So your looking for a cafe curtain rods but don't know exactly what kind of discount curtain rods you need.

Well let me give you soom ideas that will help you make up your mind. Most of these cafe rods are expandable. One half slides in side the other half so you can pull it out to the right width for your window.

They hang from the window on little brackets which fit to the window frame. As in the image to the right here.

They are for hanging cafe curtains, cape cod curtains and priscilla curtains . These discount curtain rods serve two purposes, one is to decorate and the other is for privacy.

Window Treatment Hardware For Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Let me do you a favor and say DON'T use these bay window treatment ideas! What I mean is don't install a window curtain hardware style like this in the window treatment picture just below.

These are decorative curtain rods that are made to fit the shape of your bay window. They have special curtain rod brackets and special curtain rod rings. In theory the rings with a space in the back should be able to pass freely over the special curtain rod brackets that support the curtain rod close to where it bends.

Find out more about these and other bay window treatment ideas here.

How to hang valances

When it comes to how to hang valances you have several solutions to choose from depending on the kind of valance window treatments you plan on hanging. All of the window treatment hardware you will find below is really very simple to install. Hanging curtain rods does not have to be as complicated as you may first think.

To start with you have the utility valance rods that are basic, functional and cheap window curtain hardware. The beauty with this kind of valance curtain rod is that you don't see any of it when your window treatment valances are hanging. These valance rods allow enough space for you to hang curtains from a seperate curtain rod underneath.

Find out more about how to hang valances here.

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