Curved Curtain Rods For Bay Windows

Obviously you will need curved curtain rods if you are going to hang a bay window treatment. That is if you want to hang just a pair of curtains. So the question is which sort of bay window curtain rod will you need ?

That all depends on the kind of bay window treatment ideas you have in mind. So I have put few window treatment ideas with window treatment photos below.

They all require flexible curtain rods that will bend to fit the curves or bends of your bay window shapes.

These kind of "curtain tracks" curtain rods are highly flexible curtain track systems, which is the best solution for hanging drapery or curtains for bay window treatments of all kinds.

Or maybe you just want to cover a curved wall or a doorway opening.

So have a quick look at the pictures below and see how these special curtain rods work. Then lower down I will show you where you can get the best quality, but cheap curtain rods to do this kind of job.

This picture shows a curved curtain rod fixed simply to the top of these window frames. This lets you hang just one pair of curtains rather than 2 pairs.

This picture shows curtain hanging from a flexible curtain rod under a fabric covered cornice window treatment.
Find out how to make and install one yourself.

This picture above shows curtains hanging from curved curtain rods. these are installed under a wooden cornice/ pelmet.

How do you hang curtain rods like these ?

This picture above shows how I have fitted a curved curtain rod to directly to the ceiling.Then bending it to bring the curtains just out of the curved bay window.

This picture above shows the flexible curtain track installed under a window cornice top board. The board and bay curtain track will be hidden by a fabric covered bay window cornice.

Where to buy bay curtain rods ?

You can have extra long curtain rods up to 16ft long. The really great thing with these flexible curtain rods is that you can make them bend 90 degrees or even sharper turns easily. Fitting these curtain rods for bay windows takes only a few simple steps.

The places you can use them are many such as: bay windows at home, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospital Bed Dividers, Theaters, Boats, High-rise curved curtain walls, Cubical dividers, Bay Windows, Shower Curtains and other kinds of Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

These traverse curtain rods are made out of a steel and resin composite material. This gives you the ability to hang long curtains while also bending into almost any curve.

  • Easy to fit: Only household tools are needed. Just mark the position of the curtain rod brackets and screw the mounting clips and snap the track into position.

  • Fit any shape window: One extra long curtain rod up to 16 ft, that comes in a roll for ease of fitting. You can cut too the exact size you need.

  • Highly Flexible: You can bend it by hand into any shape or angle to fit the layout and shape of your window, it can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted with two kinds of curtain rod brackets .

  • Easy operation: Your curtains will slide open and closed with little effort. It is really good for long and heavy curtains.

  • Very quiet: The smooth running roller gliders ensures soft, gentle and quiet movement of curtains, minimizing noises.

  • Very long lasting: These curved curtain rods are engineered to work well with heavy curtains and to last. This kind of window treatments hardware will not rust or distort under normal use.

  • You might not believe it but you can get these curtain rods for window treatment for bay windows on ebay.

    So take a look and get the right size flexible curved curtain rods complete with all the curtain rod brackets, roller gliders and end stops. I haven't found anywhere better for curtain rods discounts.

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