Installing Your Curtains For Windows

So you are thinking about new curtains for windows around your home. It's always a good feeling improving the look of your home.

After all it's the place you spend most of your time other than possibly work.

However there is some boring stuff that I need to bring to your attention. The articles below all have a few tips that will hold you in good stead for when you start installing your curtain hardware. Or when you are out shopping for stuff you need to get started.

Other than measuring correctly for drapes, these areas have caused the most headaches for my customers over the years. There is no rocket science involved here. just some basic tips and advice that I have picked up over many years.

Below are quick links to articles about all the boring stuff you would rather not have to deal with before you start your window treatment project.

I seriously recommend you don't skip this section just take a couple of minutes and look over then before you go any further. Then you are less likely to have problems as you move forward to the nicer stuff.

Curtains for windows pre installation articles

wall anchorsWhen it comes to installing any curtain rods. The biggest issue is what kind of wall anchors will you need to use to fix the curtain rod brackets securely to the wall over your window. That is if your newly hung curtains are not to end up draped all over the floor in quick time, or even in the long haul for that matter.

step stool ladders

When it comes to installing any curtain rods. The main issues are comfort, safety and practicality.

list of hand tools

Hi, I'm going to show you my list of hand tools that I use for installing curtains every week. I like to keep things as simple as possible. So my list is as short as I can make it :-)

measure for tab top curtains

This is my 18v Cordless drill kit below that I use every week when installing curtains for windows. Yes this is really mine, bruised and battered from excessive use :-) It is as you can see a dewalt 18 volt cordless drill/driver. That is I use it for drilling holes and driving the screws in to place.

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