Curtains For 4 Side-By-Side Windows

by Sheryl
(Philadelphia, PA)

Hi! I have a wall in my family room with 4 large windows that are side-by-side. They are spaced very close together.

I also have 9 ft ceilings, they are long windows. I'm struggling to figure out how to dress the windows. Do I do, 4 individual curtain rods (but the spacing is tricky for rods/finials, etc) with 2 panels at each window, or just 1 or 2 curtain rods with panels???

Also, with such high ceilings, should I place the rod at the ceiling, or just above the window? Thanks for your advice!


Hi Sheryl

From what you say about these 4 side by side windows. I think you have 3 choices of window treatment styles.

The first would be to fit a single decorative curtain rod right across all 4 windows. Then hang one pair of wide custom made curtains. You can get very wide curtain rods like this one here.

These are really expandable corded traverse rods dressed to look like a decorative curtain rod. I would recommend these for very wide windows.

That is unlike decorative curtain rods that have only three curtain rod brackets to support them. One in the center and one on each end. These decorative traverse rods have more brackets to distribute the weight more evenly.

Now when it comes to how high to install these decorative curtain rods. The minimum I recommend is fixing 5 inches over the top of your window. However I have installed them up to 12 inches over the top of windows in the past.

This can make your window treatment look more dramatic. Also filling the space over the windows. This installing your window curtain hardware at this height would only work when using decorative curtain rods.

These standard traverse curtains can be used in the same way. The only difference is that they don't look as attractive. How ever you can use them with a cornice window treatment to cover all the window treatment hardware. I have put a picture just below here of what this track look like fixed to the under side of a cornice board.

wide window treatment

With the fabric covered cornice fitted it looks like this window treatment picture just blow here. I have made these with a depth up to 15 inches deep. This is about the maximum I would go before they start to look odd.

Making the cornice deeper allows you to hang the cornice higher with out seeing the tops of the windows from under the cornice.

window treatment cornice

The second option you have is to install 4 roman shades each the size of each individual window. This gives a very simple look to your windows. Again these would need to be custom made roman shades. Take a look at ebay here for several roman shade makers.

You will find they charge a fraction of what an interior design store would charge.

Finally you could use a combination of both curtains, roman shades and a top treatment such as this window treatment cornice. The curtains are not very wide and are used purely to dress the window.

The roman shades are working and come down to cover the windows.

wide window treatment

Another top treatment option using the same wooden cornice board with the velcro edge. Could be to use a deep gathered valance with a pencil pleat tape header. As the picture just below. This could run right across all four windows or be separate for each window.

In the window treatment photo below it shows the special curtain tape used to attach the valance to the cornice top board. It is called velcro friendly pleating tape. It sticks directly to the velcro stapled to the leading edge of the board.

Well I think that's about it for now. I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for dressing your own windows.

All The Best


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Oct 16, 2012
Square bay windows
by: Anonymous

I have a square bay window and at the moment my curtains just go straight across cutting off the bay when drawn. I would like to follow the bay inside but do not want to see an opening at the side.How would it look with a return?

I have posted two images just below of square bay windows where I have fitted curtains. These might give you some ideas and inspiration.

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