Curtains for 4 side by side windows with built in shutters

by Corey

Hi Lee,

I searched your site and found another post about 4 side by side windows. Mine, however, are slightly different so the answer you provided won't help me. I'm so stumped!

I have 4 large windows that are side by side in my living room. They oversee our backyard/pool. Right above the windows, there is about 6-8 inches of wall and then a smaller 3 pane window above each of the 4 windows.

Also, each of the 4 big windows have built in white shutters. They open up like doors, so adding a cornice (which I would love!) to each window isn't an option, because then the shutters won't be able to open.

Any suggestions, aside from removing the shutters?


Hi Corey

You're right about there not being enough space to fit fabric covered cornice between the small upper windows and still to clear the wooden shutters.

Your cornice would be just to shallow. So what else can you do ?

I would seriously take a look at using something like these 2 1/4 inch diameter wooden curtain rods from Continental window Fashions.

I would install these about 4 inches over the top of the lower larger windows. The reason I recommend this style of decorative curtain rod is that they look really substantial being a thicker rod.

Also the end finials and curtain rod brackets are more impressive looking than the regular curtain rods. So the curtain rods become far more of a feature. These rods will fill the space really well.

Depending on how wide your windows are you could fit either one long curtain rod across all 4 windows. Or go for 2 curtain rods. The longest of these rods is 6ft. So you would fit a center bracket to join 2 rods to get a 12ft span.

Then finally you could hang a pair of dress curtains to each end of the curtain rod. These don't need to have enough width in them to close. Just enough to look pleasant for dressing the windows. Using a little fabric this way will just soften the look of the room that much more.

I hope this ideas gives you some food for thought.

All the best


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