Curtain Ideas With Pictures

Discover some great curtain ideas with pictures right on this page.

I'm certain these will inspire you to get started on your own window treatment project.

Also discover "tips and advice" on the right kind of window curtain hardware to choose to go with your chosen curtain style.

There's also lots of really practical stuff on how to hang curtain rods in the right position for creating the best look.

So take a look at the different curtain design ideas and see which one you think would go best in your home.

The window treatments picture just below shows you can see that even "simple rod pocket drapes" can look really fantastic.

Especially when you co-ordinate your curtains and color scheme to compliment the surrounding decor and furnishings.

Great Curtain Ideas

Take a look just below at the curtain ideas with pictures just below to give you some inspiration for your own unique window treatment ideas.

Panel Track blinds... But Not Like You've Seen Before!

Why talk about panel track blinds on a website about curtains?

A very good question and I'm glad you asked ;-)

These are not your regular panel blinds. These work in exactly the same way but are made with curtain fabrics. So qualify to be included in these curtain ideas with pictures.

Discover what's so great about....keep reading

If You're Looking For Easy But Stylish... Then You Can't Go Wrong With a Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod pocket curtains can be found everywhere and are the ultimate word in simple window treatments.

All you need is your drape and your decorative curtain rod. NO curtain rod rings and NO Curtain hooks, they really are easy make curtains.

Find out how simple and easy....keep reading

Ever Wanted To Make A Swag Curtain?

Find out which kind of swag window treatments will work on your window ? Also discover how to choose the right swag curtains to give you a perfect looking window treatment.

Watch the how to make swag curtains video now. These really are easy window treatments to get started with....keep reading

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fabric Covered Cornice

Discover out why most folks get this kind of window treatment project all wrong!

Download the easy step by step FREE E-Guide to making your own window treatment cornice. Discover the right way to get a perfect....keep reading

Super simple Scarf Valances Anyone Can Make And Hang

These really are simple window treatments anyone can make and install themselves.

Watch the step by step video now showing you how
to hang these window scarves correctly.

Also download the FREE E-guide showing how to make a valance scarf to fit your window perfectly.... keep reading

For A timeless Classic Look Choose Pinch Pleat Curtains!

Discover my personal reasons for recommending pinch pleated drapes .

There are several good reasons for choosing this kind of curtain header style for your own curtains.

Find out more by taking a look at ....Keep reading

Why Choose Grommet Panels?

Why would you choose Grommet drapes for your next curtain ideas with pictures project.

Discover the good reasons why I recommend this
kind of curtain design ideas. There are several really great reasons you would want to be hanging drapes like these.

Find out why these are easy window treatments by taking a look at the....Keep reading

Tab Top Drapes, The Good the Bad and the Ugly

tab top drapes

What's good and what's bad about tab drapes?

To find out the best way to use these kind of window treatment styles take a look here and make sure you end up with that designer window treatments look.

Discover lots of really useful and important stuff about....keep reading

I have met some really interesting and talented people and thought about introducing my visitors to them. They all have websites or blogs in fields that offer lots of great info on all kinds of subjects related to the home.

If you are looking for some design inspiration then this interview with Renate the creator of dream home decorating came about while creating this website about easy curtain ideas.

Another really great Idea!

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