Looking For A Cornice Window Treatment ?

What should you be doing before you start looking for a cornice window treatment to dress your window ?

This is where most folks get this kind of window treatment project all wrong!

Why's that I'm sure you're asking, "what can possibly go wrong with just buying a window treatment cornice. Then installing it on my window".

Well what's very likely to happen, as I have found out on many occasions visiting my customers after the fact. Is that they are very disappointed with the end results.

Why's that!

Well the big reason is that they end up with something that is just not exactly right for their window. There are many simple reasons why this happens, all completely avoidable.

Firstly though I want to talk a little about what cornice window treatments are,...

and just as important what they are not.

As I think it will help you to decide whether they are right for you.

Big Differences Between Valance Window Treatments And Window Treatment Cornice

Don,t confuse These Cornice with valance window treatments. They perform a similar role but are very different for a couple of reasons.

Cornice window treatments are made to an exact size and can't be adjusted to fit other windows. Where as valance window treatments can usually be adjusted to fit windows a little bigger or smaller.

Cornice window treatments have a hard wooden inner. Where as a valance window treatment is usually soft fabric and can be moved by touching.

A window treatment cornice can usually be made without having to sew. Where as a valance window treatments usually has to be sewn together.

You Can Make Them In To Really Unique Window Treatment Ideas

You get to choose all the dimensions you want them to be. Such as height, width and depth.

You get to choose exactly the kind of fabric you want them to be covered with.

You can choose exactly the kind of style you want them to have.

They are a really great window treatment for bay windows.

If you arrived on this page looking for "how to make a valance" or maybe just looking for "how to make curtains". Then I would really recommend you consider having a go at making a cornice window treatment.

So no matter whether you were looking for cornice designs or valance designs. Download the FREE E-Guide below and use the window treatment patterns to create designer window treatments you will be proud to show off.

These are really easy window treatments to make by just following the step by step E-Guide. Every stage is accompanied with window treatment photos so you can see what is happening.

Some Ideas On Window Curtain Hardware

You can hang more than one pair of curtains by simply adjusting the depth of the window cornice board (top board). So you can easily hang sheer window treatments and main curtains even on bay window treatments.

Your window treatment hardware is hidden from view under the window cornice board (fabric covered facia). So you can use basic traverse curtain rods to hang your curtains.

These are cheap, reliable and simple to install under your cornice.

Want A Modern Window Treatment... Then These Will Fit The Bill!

Some of the reasons I have found folks use these fabric covered cornice for dressing their windows are because....

  • 1.They can be made to look like designer window treatments. Using the right fabrics and trims.
  • 2.They can be very simple window treatments but still be stylish
  • 3.They are easy window treatments to make and install over your windows.
  • 4.The best part is that they can be made and installed by almost anyone at home.
  • .

    I personally have made many using the dining room table as my work bench. (well covered to keep my better half happy :-)

    Find All The Answers You Need To Create A Beautiful Window Treatment Cornice

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