Discover How To Buy A sewing Machine That's Right For Making Curtains

Discover how to buy a sewing machine that works for making the simple window treatments you will find on this site.

You may be thinking which is the best kind to use for making curtains ?

You may be thinking should I buy sewing machines online or not ?

I personally use an old singer sewing machine that does this kind of sewing perfectly well. I bought this sewing machine of mine on ebay for less than $ 50.00

With a simple sewing machine you can start to use any of the valance patterns or curtain sewing patterns that you find on this site to create curtains for windows in your own home.

So Which Are The Best Sewing Machines For Making Curtains

You may be looking for a cheap sewing machine. However don't just buy a sewing machine because it is the cheapest you can find on ebay.

To start with there is no best sewing machine to make curtains with.

Almost any make will do the job just as long as it meets a few basic requirements as follows, the simpler the better.

No fancy "Bells and Whistles" needed.

1. That it is definately in working order. If it does not say, then ask before you bid. If in doubt don't buy. (like an idiot I did'nt follow my own advice first time round) Some sellers think it is ok to omit this kind of information.

2. That it has a metal frame supporting all the working parts. This is very important when it comes to sewing heavy curtains. Without the metal frame the sewing machine will start to twist as it sews. Some machines bodies are made entirely of plastic and not just the covers. Sometimes the metal frame is hidden under the plastic covers, so you may need to ask.

3. That it will sew a straight stitch (other stitch patterns such as a blind stitch are a bonus). I have never known a standard sewing machine that won't sew a straight line. However if it does not say so, then ask to be abosolutely sure.

These are the three most important things you will need in a machine for sewing curtains that you will find on this site. You will only need the other stitch patterns if you decide to start sewing other things.

But you will be far to busy sewing curtains to have time for sewing other things :-)

When Buying A Sewing Machine...The Things You Really Don't Want

DON'T be tempted to buy mini sewing machines or very small sewing machines. They just won't do the kind of sewing you need to making the window treatments you will find on this site.

You WON'T need special sewing machine feet such as a zipper foot or pipping foot. If you don't even know what these are then good. You just don't need to know as you will never use them for making drapes on this site.

You will just need the regular straight stitch machine foot that comes as standard.

If when you are ready to buy sewing machine and you are not to sure about how a particular machine works. Or maybe you can't decide if it is simple enough for what you want.

Then before you buy a sewing machine find out how sewing machines work here.

Why not buy your sewing machine here on ebay

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