Tips For Black Out Curtains

What should you be doing before you start shopping for some black out curtains to make a room darker?

This is where most folks get this kind of window treatment project all wrong!

Why's that I'm sure you're asking, "what can possibly go wrong with just buying blackout curtains. Then hanging my new room darkening curtains over my window".

Well what's very likely to happen, as I have found out on many occasions visiting my customers after the fact. Is that they are very disappointed with the end results.

Why's that!

Well the big reason is that the room is nowhere as dark as they thought it was going to be. There are many simple reasons for this problem.

Firstly though I want to talk a little about the kind of rooms you would want to make darker using black out curtains. As I think it will help you to decide just how dark you need or want your room to be.

Nursery Window Treatments

When it comes to babies and getting them to sleep. Especially during the day it can be a problem.

Far too much light coming in through the window even when using blackout curtains!

So making the room as dark as possible while still being able to see your hand in front of your face. That is the ideal solution.

After all you don't want to trip over that cuddly toy while creeping out of the room and break your neck ;-)

Kids Window Treatments

When it comes to younger kids having room darkening curtains can help them get off to sleep during a light summers evening.

So in a nutshell probably as dark as for nursery curtains.

When it comes to older kids, as in teenagers. They will probably insist on them so they can ignore the fact that a new day had started ;-)

As for teenage window treatments, dark, dark, the end of the world type black out.

Home Theater Curtains

Nothing worse than trying to watch the football with your mates, beer and popcorn flowing freely.

Then the glare from the sun is making it difficult if not impossible to see the screen. This is especially true for projector type screens.

This is a very very serious problem...ask any man ;-). It requires immediate remedy no matter what the cost.

Patio Door Curtains

Why do folks tend to use black outs as patio door curtains or for French door window treatments. Or any large window treatment for that matter.

Well there are a few reasons for wanting to block the sun through these windows.

  • 1. To keep the sun off the TV screen or computer screen.
  • 2. To keep the temperature a little cooler on a hot summers day.
  • 3. The opposite of above keeping your room warmer on a cold winters evening.
  • 4. Then finally sometimes folks close their blackout curtains to shield the sun. As I'm sure you have found over the years. the sun can cause real damage to carpets and other soft furnishings
  • .

    This is especially true of anything made with silk.

    Finally some folks are light sensitive for medical reasons. Then there are the just plain weird folks who don't like sunshine :-)

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