Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Let me do you a favor and say DON'T use these bay window treatment ideas!

What I mean is don't install a window curtain hardware style like this in the window treatment picture just below.

In theory the rings with a space in the back should be able to pass freely over the special curtain rod brackets that support the curtain rod close to where it bends.

Unfortunately you will live to regret the day you bought yours.

The number of times people have asked me to come and have look at why theirs won't work. They want me to adjust it and make it right so their curtains will open and close smoothly.

Sorry it's never going to happen, no matter what I do !

I have spent many years working with these bay window curtain rods, and no matter how much you pay and how well you fit them.

They are just not an efficient curtain hanging system.

There are far better alternative bay window treatment ideas. However before I get around to what these alternatives are I want to give you my reasons for my negative comments on this kind of window treatment hardware.

Big reasons NOT to install this kind of bay window curtain rod

  • 1. Even on the most expensive models the special passing rings still catch on the special passing brackets. Not all the rings on every bracket all the time. However enough times to make you want to rip it all down and throw it out the window. So opening and closing your curtains is a constant battle.
  • 2. The bay window curtain rods that use the connectors that allow the rod to bend into the bay angles (sometimes called knuckle bends). These are very ugly and are usually difficult for the rings to pass over smoothly. Over time they have the habit of moving and twisting. This is caused by the movement of the curtains.
  • 3. You can only have three real brackets as with any other curtain rod. So to give the bay window curtain rod the extra support it need near the bends. You have the special passing brackets that allow the special passing rings to travel past. Well that's the theory, as they still catch a lot. The real problem with these special curtain brackets is the way they fit to the wall. They are mostly made to be as discreet as possible (like an elephant sat in your living room type of discreet).
  • 4. The fixing part of these brackets that sits flat to the wall is often small and you have fixing holes horizontally rather than vertically. This makes the bracket more discreet (sort of) but a lot less efficient at carrying the weight it needs to. No matter how well you fix these brackets to the wall they still want to sag under the weight of the rods and the curtains.
  • Well that was a lot of negativity I got out of my system writing all that down. I feel a lot better for that, it's sort of theraputic :-)

    Do I have any positive things to say about these bay window curtain rods and would I ever recommend anyone to have one ?

    Yes I would....(I can hear you thinking what on earth....)

    There is only one, and only one situation I would say it's okay to fit a decorative curtain rod like these. That is when you fit the curtain rod and then hang dress curtains. Curtains that you are going to then hang stacked back in the open position. Then leave them there and never move them ever. They are there just purely to decorate the bay window. If you need privacy then fit blinds or shades on the windows as well.

    What bay window treatment ideas are good for hanging curtains in a bay window?

    Well you have a several option to choose from when it comes to bay window treatment ideas that work. I have put a few bay window treatment photos below for you to have a look at and see if these curtain ideas appeal to you.

    bay window treatment ideas

    In the picture above there are a pair of lined and interlined curtains hanging from a Flexible, Bendable Curtain Track Kit.

    This curtain track is fixed to the underside of a cornice top board. This allows one wide pair of curtains to be used rather than separate curtains on each window.

    Then a fabric covered window treatment cornice is fixed to the front of the cornice top board with velcro tape.

    You don't have to hang a cornice window treatment as a window topper. You could install a valance window treatment if you prefer.

    These curtains really needed curtain tie backs to hold them off the side windows due to them being so bulky.

    This picture to the right shows a pair of lined curtains with a double pinch pleat heading.

    They again are hanging from a Flexible, Bendable Curtain Track Kit. This is a very simple and neat way to hang curtains in a bay window.

    Not everyone likes to have window toppers such as valance window treatments.

    These bay window treatment ideas just above shows a pair of lined and interlined double pinch pleat curtains.

    These are hanging from under the flexible curtain track. This allows you to fix a curtain track cover to the front edge of the track.

    This fabric track cover is attached using self adhesive 1" white velcro tape to make this stick in place.

    This picture to the right shows window treatment roman shades fitted to the three windows in this bay. These are installed so the complete window surround trim disappears behind the roman shade when they are down.

    You can have them made a little narrower and have them set within the window surround.

    Either way is right, it's a matter just personal preference.

    After reading this article on bay window treatment ideas why not check out the bay window curtains page for more advice and tips.

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