Getting The Right Bay Window Curtains

Before you buy bay window curtains online or else where, save yourself a lot of heartache and read this first.

When it comes to shopping for bay curtains you have probably discovered you can't buy ready made curtains wide enough to fit bays properly. They just don't make wide curtains to fit around a bay window.

The widest ready made curtains usually only go up to 100 inches wide. For most bay windows you will need at least a curtain width of 130 inches in each curtain.

This would give you double the window width when gathered. Some bay window treatments will need even wider curtains to fit perfectly.

Believe me that curtains with less than double width in the fabric look terrible. They end up looking almost flat on your window when closed together.

So be warned even if you love...

the curtain fabric,

the colour,

or the curtain designs.

Don't buy them if each curtain panel width is not the full width of your bay window. You will be just wasting your money.

Even if you did find a pair of curtains wide enough. I guarantee they would not be in the colour or style you want. So the best thing to do is to buy curtains online that are made to measure.

I know your thinking it is going to cost a lot more, and you're right...... to a certain degree!

However when comparing the cost of made to measure curtains against quality ready made curtains. The cost difference is not big enough in my opinion to justify buying ready made curtains that just are not the right size.

These curtains in the window treatment photo just here shows a pair of curtains that are made to fit this bay window exactly. Each curtain has two and a half widths of fabric that come at 54 inches wide.

These curtains are made with a curtain interlining to give them "body" as it is a light fabric. The side seams and curtain hems are all hand sewn for a quality finish and better draping qualities. They also have small weights in the hems at the corners and seems. This helps keep them hanging beautifully.

The curtain heading is created using a three inch pencil pleat tape. When made up and allowing for seam allowances this makes a finished curtain width of 130 inches.

Why Do These Made To Measure Curtains Cost So Much ?

If you have already been shopping for made to measure curtains to fit your bay window. Then you will probably been shocked by the price. So why do they cost so much money...?

To start with a big chunk of the cost can be for the curtain fabric itself. Some famous name designer fabrics can cost way above $150 per yard. If you think that some windows need curtains using between 15 and 25 yards of fabric. You can see how the bill can turn in to telephone numbers very quickly.

On occasion some husbands accompanying their wives go very quiet and very pale :-(

However you don't need to spend anywhere that amount to get some really great curtain fabrics. If you shop around a bit especially online you can get suitable fabrics from around $12.00 per yards and upwards. sometimes even less.

However before buying any discount curtain fabrics I would seriously recommend you read the tips, advice and warnings about buying curtain fabrics. Take a look at the curtain fabrics page here.

Another big problem with trying to hang ready made curtains is the length.....!!!!

You will find that they are often either...

"too long or too short" to fit your window exactly.

This means you end up having to fit your the curtain track higher or lower than you really want to try and get them to hang just right. Even worse your curtains end up hanging short of either the floor or window sill level.

This bay window treatment also uses an upholstered fabric covered window pelmet to decorate the top of the window. This also hides the bay window curtain track and other window curtain hardware

I think you will agree that this makes for a really super smart looking set of curtains. If you bought these for your bay window your friends and family would see straight away that you have had designer curtains made and fitted professionally.

There's no doubt about it, you don't get bay window curtains like these out of a packet delivered in the post :-)

These curtains are also hanging from a custom made metal bay window curtain track with nylon curtain gliders. These will carry a lot of weight and operate smoothly for many years.

These bay window curtain tracks are also made to overlap in the middle. This makes your curtains close properly and look professionally installed.

The curtains in the window treatment picture at the top of this page are made from a faux silk fabric and have a bonded interlining on the back.

This is a regular curtain lining bonded on to a layer of curtain interlining. This gives the curtains what is called "body". It creates a thicker more luxurious looking curtain.

Personally I will only make bay window curtains this way when using light fabrics such as silk, taffetas and others made from light polyester fibres.

This kind of curtain lining transforms what are nice but very light curtain fabrics in to substantial full bodied luxury looking curtains.

Heavier fabrics such as damasks, velvets and chenilles can be made with a cotton sateen lining fabric and still look good. However you can still choose to have the thicker lining option. It's really just a matter of personal preference when making curtains from these kinds of curtains.

After reading this article about bay window curtains why not take a look at the bay window treatments page for more tips and advice.

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