About Me And How Easy Curtain Ideas Can Help You!

Hi All!

 I'm Lee Stevens and what I want to do is to give you a site that answers most if not all the questions you wanted to ask about designing, making and hanging curtains.

Mostly though, I really hope I can give you that gentle push you need to start making and hanging your own curtains.

Even if you're a complete novice to the subject. Or maybe you've not made window treatments for a long time and you're thinking of starting again.

Maybe you just don't know exactly where to start for the best success.

Sound interesting?

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Dear Lee, Just wanted to say I found your site last week and it was an absolute godsend. Most helpful and informative

Kind regards Neal

I've made notes of the most common questions people ask me - time and again.

Believe me, the same questions keep coming up, again and again.

We will take a look at all kinds of areas that will help you to build your skills and build your confidence quickly of designing, making and hanging your own curtains.

I really do believe almost anyone can create their own beautiful window treatments. Really all anyone needs are a some useful time saving tips and straight to the point advice.

There is a lot of nonsense people say about how hard it is to make your own curtains. How you need to have lots of experience as well as all the right kinds of equipment to get a top notch finish.

Don't listen to them!

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A Bit About How I Got started

easy curtain ideas

My beginning in the window treatments business was more accident than design. I did not plan to get started with designing, making or hanging curtains. One thing led to another and 20 years later here I am.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, especially doing renovations of all kinds on my own home.

I have hung curtains in many places such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and every shape and size of home. I have installed curtains in basement apartments all the way up to an apartment on the 33rd floor.

I'm largely self-taught, mostly by watching others and studying other peoples work. Then incorporating the best in to my own work. Another really big way I have learned my trade is by making a lot of mistakes. Looking back I can't believe some of the things I have done.

However I have always corrected my mistakes, even when it cost me time and money...

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All the best,

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