My 18v Cordless Drill Kit

This is my 18v Cordless drill kit below that I use every week when I install curtain rods. Yes this really is mine, bruised and battered from excessive use :-)

It is as you can see a dewalt 18 volt cordless drill/driver. That is I use it for drilling holes and driving the screws in to place.

This 18 volt cordless drill kit consist of the drill/driver, 2 batteries, 1 charger and a carry case to hold it all.

I know this is not the cheapest cordless drill you can buy, but for me it's worth the money. As I work it to death every week.

If your not going to use cordless power drills on a regular basis. Then I would recommend you just get a cheap one or even better just borrow one :-)

The only thing it is not fair to borrow and return is the drill bits you need to make your fixing holes. Plus it will make your life so much easier if you start installing your curtain rods with a fresh new drill bit.

I usually go through at least 2 or 3 a week, and I buy the best "Dewalt Extreme" drill bits to make my life even easier.

So what is the best cordless drill to use

I personally would not use anything less than 18 volt cordless drill kits. These have enough power for almost any situation when installing curtain rods. You could go for a 24v cordless drill but it really is not needed.

The next thing the best cordless drills should have is a "hammer action". This is a must when drilling holes in brick or block with a masonry drill bit. As well as the drill bit spinning it also chisels at the same time. This drill feature is a must have, not an optional extra

The next thing that is very handy to have is a cordless drill battery pack. That is at least 2 batteries and a charger. So while one battery is charging you can carry on working with the other one. Also if the budget allows I would always choose a cordless drill that comes with a fast 1 hour battery charger.

You can get at a price some 20 minute battery chargers out there now. I personally don't think you need to spend the extra to get these. Most of the time your first battery won't run out before the second has recharged. so save your money on this cordless drill feature.

When a regular cordless drill won't do the job

Maybe a couple of times a year i come across a job where my 18v cordless drill kit will hardly make a dent in the wall. This is usually when I have to drill in to concrete or stone.

For dealing with those kind of heavy duty drilling jobs. I use a corded mains powered SDS drill to make my holes for fixing. Like I say I hardly ever use mine. So I spent very little on it but it still does the job I need 5 years later.

The only downside with this cheap SDS drill other than it is big and ugly ;-) is that it creates far more dust than my dewalt cordless drill. So I have to cover the area with more dust sheets than usual.

I recommend everyone should have a go drilling the holes needed for fixing your curtain hardware over your window. If you are new to using a drill then just take it slowly and use both hands to steady the drill.

Now after reading this article on my 18v cordless drill kit, find out what other list of hand tools I use to install curtains with.

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