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When it comes to getting the new beautiful curtains you want, you have 2 BIG Questions to ask yourself!

1. How much will it cost ?, and...

2. How can I make it happen ?

easy curtain ideas

These 2 questions go for if you are buying ready made drapes, custom made curtains or making curtains yourself.

Most people start at the end and work backwards. Then don't understand why their new curtains just don't look right!

So what does "starting at the end and working backwards" really mean in the real world ?

Most folk start by browsing for curtain ideas, usually online...that's how you ended up here, right :-)

They type in terms such as "curtain ideas with pictures" or "window treatment photos" or something along those lines. You may be wondering why that's a problem.

The problem comes with moving too quickly from browsing for curtain ideas, to hanging their new curtains. Skipping over some really important steps inbetween.

So having some ideas is not really a bad thing. Just acting on those ideas without doing some homework first is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

My personal order of attack is....

1. Do the first Measure up of your windows

2. Decide if you want ready made, custom made or make your own

3. Decide which curtain hardware you want to use

4. Narrow down to your final choice of curtain style

5. Install your curtain hardware

6. Re-measure from new hardware

7. Then finally buy, order or make

You will find some great tips and advice on all of the things you really need to know right here on this website.

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Making And Hanging Video Tips

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